Air RB - Clouds client side / general question

Hello, I was wondering how spotting works in Air RB and googled it. I was surprised to find people claiming that clouds are client side. Also, I found so little information how spotting works in detail (which isn´t 9 years old) and the wiki does not have any page for it.

I read through the crew details, and the encyclopedia which mentions Tree-top level and cloud cover but is very general about how it works in detail.

Maybe someone has solid info about these things.
I remember it tries to be realistic from you pilots view, so does spinning around gives an edge? Don´t know where I remember this from, maybe a video?

Also Ground RB is so much easier to see these black dots. Feels all very inconsistent.

Clouds are not client side. Clouds are generated through a seed (random number sequence generated on game start), this seed is passed to each client (same seed number) and based on this the clouds are displayed in game. They are rendered on client side, but they will look the same for each client in the current game as all clients will have the same seed.


Good to know. Sounds convincing how you explain it, since all you can find if you google this is folks making claims.

There was a time when they changed cloud related things, so when people had already logged in and didn’t get the update, their clouds were different from others who did get the update. Or at least that’s what I think it was. That was a long time ago though…

As for the spotting system, it’s not always working properly. It’s particularly weird when looking against ground or through clouds… sometimes enemy can see you and you can’t see them, even though you are in a headon course. Wish they got rid of that stuff because as “realistic” as it may sound, it’s kinda annoying to deal with and doesn’t always make sense… particularly when you are flying in jets around the 9.0-9.3 BR without any flares and a A6 materializes 4km from you in a headon and he puts out a 9L which you are just not going to dodge cus you don’t have enough space to do so… fun. It’s less of an issue in props because everything goes much slower and no missiles

Not sure if this is 2023, but this is completely incorrect now. Just had a match with a friend where we were shooting the shit, and while in a giant cloud on my screen, he was flying right behind me with both of us inside a clear patch. Was watching him stare at me flying in a straight line like a dumbass assuming he couldn’t see me over a discord stream.

I have 2 PCs next to eachother and the clouds are not in the same locations…

Well, of you find the time it would be great to provide proof with screenshots. Not that I don’t believe you, in fact I do. But this won´t convince people who still believe that the old system is in place.

It seems to a major oversight when they adopted, the new cloud rendering.