Air RB BR Decompression

along with other issues at top tier there is a issue with battle ratings.
one thing that i find quite frustrating is seeing aircraft with drastically different performance being essentially the same battle raiting due too the top br being waaaaaaay to low, for an example in air rb the Su-27 is 0.4 br’s higher than the F15A which is actually comedic as the Su-27 performs miles better than the f15, in my opinion the max BR currently should be moved up to 15.0 for air rb to space top tier out more, including the premiums at the 11.0 BR range. the “problem” with this for gaijin at least is that the queue time will be a little bit longer but this doesnt really matter as the queue time is already practically instant with most of the servers selected


It’s rough.
We have enough players on the servers, but the fear is that match times will drive players away. Maybe some do; I definitely would like to see a BR system of 0.3-15.3, but that’s not ideal I’m sure.
I kinda just want better missions, more of a point to the Air RB experience, ya know?

There is no real fear about this, its just gaijin’s scapegoat to not do it. They have other nefarious reasons for not doing it like frustrating you so you buy premiums to skip past compressed BRs to get to top tier

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Yeah, Gaijin is too tone deaf to actually get that this is what the community is asking for. They keep trying to make changes for things we don’t want…