Air RB airport defence AI

Now the AA practically do nothing, it is just way too easy to overrrun reloading/repairing aircrafts, especially with blind hunt.

From my pov it looks like we have no practical choice to avoid dying on airport when your plane is empty, I can understand GM want to prevent abusing airport, but it should at least sometime functional, there should be a place you can rearm in a relatively safe area. When you can just dive straight to the runway like there is nothing, you don’t even need to evade the missiles, cause they never hit, it should not be this useless.

I have killed some and be killed quite a few times due to useless airport AA, when one plane with no ammo and low fuel is followed by another one who have a positive approach rate and enough ammo/fuel, there is no counter, no chance, you have no where to go, you have no weapons, it’s just not that fair to the one get chased.

Airport needs buff imo, maybe we don’t need to buff it that much, but we do need it to be functional, and provide some sort of protection.

What do you think guys?

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i think return it to the original killzone years.
i mean yeah there are base campers. BUT:

  • You can just as easily incorporate a timer for those who spend too long on the runway, after which they will be ejected or kicked from the match.

  • As for those who keep circling above… we have to have an amount of objectives that drain tickets severely when there are less than 2-3 enemy players left.

  • We can also make an accuracy drop off for AI gunners on the airfield. hence, if you are very high up, they wont be able to hit you quite well. this will allow people to bomb the airstrip and force those who land to get back up in the air quickly after restocking and repairing

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Imho - u should contibute here:

Have in mind that parallel discussions are usually pointless. If you want to contribute there, have in mind that 2 BR ranges are affected:

  1. Prop BRs with deadly af aaa
  2. Jet BRs with useless af aaa / SAMs

You might also consider that most people see wt what it is: A plain shooter.

A summary for prop BRs: