Air Radar finding ghosts

I have so many of these on various aircraft (F14, F16, F4S & J(UK), F15A, J39C). Sad thing is, sometimes radar missile goes at random in those directions. Up until this point I was the only thing in the air in a GRB match.


The problem I usually have is the opposite. The radar not seeing jets that are right in front of it. Maybe yours is locking onto birds. Just kidding. It’s Gaijin’s poor modeling.

This is also a problem I’ve seen in ASB as well, I have gone and followed an enemy “ping” across the map, never gaining on it, until it just disappears.

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Smokeless missile ?

Nope, not even.

Only thing tracking at that point was AA that just spawned and died a few moments later (by me).

Also not this one occurrence - see it a good few times a day. I play roughly 5 to 6 hours a day Monday through Sunday and can with honesty say that radar and radar missiles has been dog since Air Superiority. We tested it cross the board and the only two planes we have not had issues with in the group (roughly 100+ people) was the M23ML and SU-27.

Its aliens…

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I’ve been experiencing ghost contacts and strange beavhiour from the Gripen C too.

So its possible it is related to that.

Though where the Gripen C’s radar is involved, it is a placeholder I think from the F-16. Hopefully its problems will be fixed when it gets the correct radar

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Juist commented on your post.

Seen it on more than just the J39

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Ta, seems to be worse on the Gripen C for me, but I’ve not really flown anything else with advanced radar, mostly been in the Sea Harrier FRS1 or Phantom FG1 of late and their radars dont seem to be quite as badly affected (though certainly does happen a bit). did do 1 match in the Tornado F3 and I think it was occuring too.

I think basically, they broke something

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Nothing new