Air isnt awfully great in grb

grb air is pretty lame, its just dummies who cant do anything on the ground in planes sending bombs at people who cant in the moment defend themselves, especially bad in the winter maps that are present in the summer? i mean i got them being in the winter, yknow seasonal stuff but now its tree pop in simulator for people who are too lazy to fight people with planes instead of targets who can only roll around and not do much against ya unless someone nearby is in spaa, can u guys like… stop for like… all of us? thanx <3, also if you dont like being cassd then dont use planes in grb, its literally like siding with your own enemy and it doesnt make sense, p.s.a. over

or maybe it is players using their vehicles to gain advantage?
It is combined mode.
Use it yourself or counter it.
Most importantly - dont ignore them or your past experience.
Get strong with spaa game.
Or dont play high tier, you have many choices brother.

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Careful, CAS players don’t like it when you say it that what they’re doing against tanks that can’t defend themselves takes no skill.


You can’t talk sense into tank purists.

Their problem is that countering aircraft requires situational awareness, skill and flexibility.
Most of their argumentation revolves around them being unwilling to play anything besides their favourite tank, even if it would help their team.

They also continuously fail to see that it takes much more skill to deliver a lethal bomb drop than it takes to land a lethal shot with a tank gun. (The only exception being super large bombs, like the FAB-5000 or that new British monster)

lmao, it is much easier to land an 100kg bomb than kill a target with a tank and that is because tank can’t shoot You back when You are in a plane and doesn’t make a mistake while when You are in a tank he can.

100% AGREE with that statement.

I have had lots of cases where even a 250kg bomb resting on the engine deck of a heavy tank did nothing, or one that detonated underneath a tank just detracked it.

There is a topic on CAS, please use it.
Also, please, be sure to do not insult other players.