Air defense spawn for helicopters

Theres a lot of people abusing the 0 defense of heli zones to spawnkill helicopters with their planes, we need a propper air defense, even if this means to move the helizone away from the battlezone


I think the close helipad is fine as is but the second one needs to be covered by anti air.


At the moment it doesn’t make much sense to play with helicopters anyway. ATGMs do not produce overpressure damage.

The bug has not been fixed with today’s update.

And yes. The heliports could at least have a cannon defense with good AI gunners. 2 to 3 Cheetahs or similar tanks would probably be enough, as the spawn kill always happens with slow, low flight.

However, the opinion only comes from the perspective of a Tiger UHT. The gimbal cannon is missing for this special situation.

Otherwise, the ATAS are sufficient for self-defense.

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Yes but not all helicopters can carry air to air missiles.

They had AA protection for those helipads, but they kept killing aircraft just moving around the battlespace. Even if it was the secondary helipad that is further away from the battlespace the AA would still interfere with jet movement over the battlespace. Perhaps the helicopter spawns need to be at the airfield, but that would cause helicopter flights to be quite long approching the battlefield which would also leave them open to being killed easily in transit.


Maybe a 3rd Heli pad. The original 2 plus a 3rd at the airfield.

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Gaijin updated it so if an enemy is in the air zone it highlights them. They should let helicopters spawn from the airfield as well for full coverage but beyond that there’s not much they can do it would interfere with CAP / CAS.


Not all of the 2nd helipads spawn at airfield. Eg Artic and North Holland. So its not perfect.

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We just need shorter range air defense for helipad’s right? Just put 2 vehicles with 1.5km spaa range and that should be short enough to keep jet’s alive and long enough so Heli’s don’t get spawn camped. (Increase/decrease to find the goldilocks zone)

Nah. I’m annoyed the Helipads even have the radar zone surrounding them. They didn’t even need it.

Frankly, though. The only place any CAS in GRB should be taking off from is the airfield.

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Yeah but think about slow helis like the Mi-4AV which cant make it 10 km in 10 mins.

Forget helis for now. Yesterday I used Pars in GRB for a few matches. They currently can’t even kill a Pantsir truck reliably. My last T-90 kill took 5 Pars hits. Its a bit idiotic currently.

Air spawns in top BR GRB matches are not really worth it. Its trash. You get either ‘Pantsir’ed’ or see your ordnance fail.

Doesn’t apply for this 40km range laser guided Su-25 ATGMs, you often see them rack up kills. But everything else is in Pantsir range and thus almost meaningless.

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The PARS are actually broken.

They already have the slightest (and unrealistically small) effect on tanks.

The current bug makes it so bad that it’s better to leave it alone and choose another vehicle.

I’m afraid the fix for this will take a few more months ;-).

Exactly my take. A Strike jet like a Nado or an ATGM chopper cost many hundred spawn points. For what you can do with them in a typical GRB match…well … far too expensive.

When I “buy” my Tornado ASSTA1 for 750 sp (850 with AP ammo belt), I usually spawn and after 5-10 seconds its already shot down by Pantsir.

Tiger UHT chopper is more survivable when you stay low and use terrain features…but the ordnance doesn’t even kill light vehicles reliably and totally fails to take out MBTs. Whats the point of using 700 spawn points while you need almost all 8 missiles to kill one tank.

If you’re not with Rus in the same team, you’d better just spawn ground.

Not my problem. Simple as.

Thats all not the PARS fault all ATGMs lost their overpressure for some reason. Took me 7 Vihkers to kill one Strv 122A. HEAT warheads kinda broke.

There are multiple slow helis.

I think they should move the closest heli spawn to the AF (so it can share in its defences) and then add light AA back to the other heli spawn. (though that second spawn point may need an adjusted position, perhaps 1km closer?)

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This has been brought up multiple times and the answer is they will not add any air defense to the helicopter spawn area. The best that they gave was the warning area so people couldn’t just spawn camp with a heli right next to the field. now people stay just outside the alert area and shoot you down after you take off. They treat it the same as a tank spawn point.

The far helicopter pad has proper AA defense. Use it.

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