Air Decompression Alternative

Because playing defence the whole match is incredibly boring, and requires little skill.

Tell me how an FW-190 D-9 or any other 5.0 stands a chance against an ok F-80A player. Even if they climb, the F-80 can still climb with them. And they need to get kills somehow.

What you are proposing will lead to matches were props are forced to climb in order to not be food, and that jets are either forced to climb to catch the props, or will just ground pound for the whole match.

No, that’s not true. Any 7.0 jet can kill any superprop even if the prop plays competently. This is because there is no way for the prop to build as much energy as the jet once they start fighting. After a couple passes, the jet will be the same altitude as the prop, but much faster. Then the game is over.

You can’t climb at the same speed as a jet, it doesn’t work. That’s the point of a jet; it makes more power with higher speeds, so it can keep up its climb rate. If you try chasing a jet at 500kph, he will outclimb and outrun you. If you try climbing on his six, he will build more speed and open up the distance so that he can come back and make BnZ passes on you.

There is no winning if the jet plays it right. You have to get lucky. I will make graphs to prove this - once the jet gets above 500kph and he’s outside gun range, the prop will never catch him. Ever.

Now imagine the Kikka vs 5.0s like the Yak-9P or the P-51D-30. Your idea doesn’t make sense because it will make higher-tier props unplayable.

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Same for the jet, bozo

I’ve said already the F-80 deserves 7.3 aka 6.3

Welcome to air RB my guy

You have no idea how a jet works. It is the exact opposite. A prop rebuilds its energy far faster than an early jet, and jets have rapidly decreasing climb rates in all but the shallowest climbs (which still are far outpaced by prop climbs).

Also, what competent player with a non-critically damaged aircraft and healthy amounts of energy would allow themselves to die to a BnZ pass? Like I’ve already said, an aware, competent prop would turn circles around and climb away from a jet.

Well, I’ve played jets in multiple nations, played high-tier props in nine out of ten nations, and I have been playing early jets for years. I have a basic understanding of how a jet works.

I will show graphs tomorrow, which will prove my point. The fact is, early props do not recover energy as fast as a jet. They can’t. If you’re diving past your straight-line top speed in a prop, you will lose more energy than a jet that is only reaching its top speed. Going past straight-line top speed incurs massive energy penalties.

Therefore, diving on an early jet means he will outclimb you and BnZ you to death.

It’s also not true that a jet’s shallow climb is much worse than a prop’s power climb. The reason that props are always above jets is because it takes the jets a minute to get to their climb speeds - the props are at 3-5,000 feet by then, with a huge head start. But when they are at their optimal climb speeds, props and jets are not that different.

So the jet is faster, it climbs just as well in combat, and it holds onto its energy so much better than it will find itself in a position to BnZ the prop, with the prop having no effective counterplay if the jet plays it right. That’s just in a 1v1. In a team props vs jets scenario, the jets have it even better because the jets are so much better at attacking.

So, moving early jets down 1.0 BR means making the superprops mediocre and the other props irrelevant. What can a P-51D-30 do to properly flown kikka? Less than nothing.


If you don’t chase the jet, the jet gets free six and you die…

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Ok, I’ll admit in the extremely specific scenario where the jet is exclusively flying shallow and repeatedly diving and taking dozen of kilometer log runs on a prop, the prop cannot get the kill.

But a simple split-S and the jet is gone, with any attempt to maneuver with the prop bleeding its energy to critical levels.

In a practical battle on the scale of a War Thunder map the jet still does not overpower a prop.

This is a practical example of where you are wrong.

Watch this footage and show me where ‘a simple split-S’ would save the prop. It would only get him killed faster.

Then how does a 5.3 plane fight an F-80 without being basically passive the whole match.

Not every jet is as slow to accelerate as an Me-262, and some props have really poor acceleration.

Obviously the second F2G.
Also, did you watch the video? He spends the entire time saying if he does anything wrong he will die. The F2G gets into a better position several times but fails to roll correctly into a gun solution. The F2G survives for a long time and dies, as the creator says, because he messed up and “rolled into my guns”.

There is a reason this tutorial exists. Because jets do not have a significant enough advantage over superprops to easily defeat them. You don’t see a “how to kill 4.7 in a 109K” or “How to kill MiG-17 in an F-4C” tutorials, now do you?

I have watched the video. My point is that if the jet plays it right, there’s not a whole lot the prop is doing to him, and the jet will eventually win. In fact, the F2G played it way better than most pilots will. The fact that he ‘rolled into my guns’ doesn’t matter because the jet gets to reset his position forever.

This is not accounting for the fact that props lose energy faster and will easily end up beneath jets in the late stage of the game, in which case it is game over. It’s also not accounting for the fact that a 6.0 F-80 would be lower than the P-51H, and would be seeing plenty of weak props that it can kill with low effort.

This is also not accounting for the fact that 7.7 jets are so far beyond props that letting them face superprops, let alone 5.7s is absurdity. They get rid of all the climb rate and acceleration weaknesses that make fighting a superprop a challenge in an early jet.

You can’t fix BR compression by compressing the BRs!

true true. It has happened before. Back like so many years ago. Probably 2016 or later. The b57 and f2h were running a muck on Japanese props back when match maker was allies vs axis. Nothing those props could do to counter them and at the time people played the f2h like a boom and zoomer so you couldn’t do anything to it other than try your best to avoid it. The B57 was so blatantly broken that as soon as you saw them the match was over cause they would bomb the carriers and end the game. There was no real counter to it other than the ki 200 which was the only jet but you rarely seen them so you had only the N1k and Ki-84 hie

I feel Gaijin needs to split the jet age (post war) and prop age (ww2). Just a hard cap where jets are introduced. Then a new cap for missiles and a new br cap for more modern ordnance and flares. The way BR introduces a technology gap of almost 30 years in the same battle needs to fixed.

That’s at current BR’s - you want to drop the jets by 1.0 BR - that will no longer hold true!

plaine and simple. NO 💀

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What about German Sea Hawk?

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Decompression will increase lobby time. They could easly put in the match making sustem ways to seperate jets with or with out missles and counters to counter missils

Simple, it is just over the aim 9b threshold. I also feel that the Aim 9bs can be mixed a little with jets without missiles (mig 17s and 19s with f100). I still remember flying the Hunter F1 against the Super Sabres and migs, and it actually being fun.

I have a couple of thoughts for you when it comes to your suggestion

“While some have suggested moving the top BR to 13.0 or 15.0, this would primarily only help decompress the top tier jets while also making any ground attack capabilities of the topmost aircraft rather useless assuming Ground isn’t completely restructured as well”

Why not also have split BRs for ARB/ASB and Ground? It solves the problem of A2G capabilities. Gaijin have said in the past that they find this hard to implement, but at one point in time, we also never had Radar, Variable Sweep Wings, or VTOL in the game, so I’m sure they would be able to find a way.

“Most jets 7.3 or below would go down in BR by 1.0”

This is a horrible idea. 1st Gen jets are certainly no air superiority fighter, but moving stuff like the Yak-15 down to 5.7 would put it in range of fighting stuff like the Bf 109 G-6 and P-38L-5, aircraft that would stand no chance against it. The argument about climb rate vs speed holds no merit because the jets can still run circles around these aircraft. A Yak-15 can make these props bleed speed and their energy, making them much more vulnerable.

“Most jets 8.7-7.7 would go down by .7
Most jets 10.0-9.0 would go down by .3”

This also doesn’t help, as it’s still compressing a bracket together, especially one that attackers with All-aspect aams are currently overrunning.

“Most jets 11.7-12.3 would go up by .3- top is now 12.7”

This is the only thing that I think is a mostly positive change. I’d also just make all of the 12.0s with the exception of the Yak-141 into 12.7. The Yak does have some cracked missiles, but the flight performance keeps it in check.