Air Decompression Alternative

Climb. Props have significantly better climb rates, generally, and will usually have altitude advantage on any engagement.

Directly looking at climb rates in stat cards. There are a few instances where that might be true. But a VAST majority they are either equal or superior in climb rate.

And any smart jet will just out side-climb the props

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It is better to bring SBEC BR blanket or something similar to the ARB than to do compression for decompression.

He does though, if he doesn’t want said jet tearing through his team or simply winning by performing the objectives.

Sometimes jets can climb good, and they can dive 10x better.

Just admit that a Rank V jet facing 6.0 isn’t balanced or fun.

Also it sounds like a very boring match if the only way to survive is to climb, and hope someone is dumb enough to try and get you.

Yeah, i’ve always thought SB brackets would actually be great for ARB. Would fix so many issues

You’ve forgot uptier. A “7.3 jet moving down by 1 BR” would make it 6.3. A 5.3 then could be facing a jet. So a 5.3 is now potentially facing a jet that was originally a 7.3 for the sake of decompressing top tier


most of low-tier jets require skills, I have seen a few of players whose HE162’s KD could over 10 with 70+% win rate, but for most of the players, low-tier Jets are sucks, because they don’t know how to keep energy or speed( it’s pretty like people always complain Zero/Spitfire when they are playing like p51 or fw190)

and just realised something else. All bombers would need to go down 1 - 2 stops now. Its one thing for something like a Lancaster to survive against Ta-152, now they have to deal with Me262s?

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Stat cards are deceptive. They describe performance under ideal conditions. True, a jet can zoom climb at equal or even greater speed than a prop, but it will quickly lose engine power as speed decreases and altitude increases. The prop, meanwhile, will keep relatively consistent power throughout the climb.

Absolutely. I’ll take a good 5.3 prop over a 7.3 jet any day.

My guy… Have you ever used a 262? Do you really expect them to be able to reach 6km altitude before a bomber gets it’s load off?

Just because you will, doesn’t mean others will do the same. An F-80A will shit on any prop that doesn’t have an insane alt advantage.

Did you forget that 5.3 props are no where near the performance levels of a 6.3 superprop?


I mean… max uptier is always an uphill battle. Did you forget that?

Yeah, but it shouldn’t be 5.0 prop vs a 7.0 jet.

Guess all I can say is agree to disagree.
5.0 vs 7.0 is honestly less of a performance gap than many .7 BR spreads, largely due to the dramatic change in tactics rather than incremental performance changes.

Fw-190 D-9 vs F-80A is not a fair matchup, same with any 5.0 vs any 6.3+. You would also have to downtier 95% of all bombers because jets being that low makes them food.

There is a reason that the BRs are made like that.

You cannot solve decompression by compressing massive leaps in tech.

Tech by itself matters not. It’d be like if almost every tank with early HEAT-FS or APDS was .7 above almost every late tank with conventional guns. That’d be ridiculous, because balancing is done based on a vehicles overall capabilities, taking into account its technology, but not exclusively balancing based on a single tech.

Instead, vehicles with or without more modern ammunition are blended together over a BR spread. Yes, APDS and HEAT-FS are more common higher up and vehicles with them are generally more effective, especially as the tech advanced.

But the blend of older and more modern vehicle design play off each other and makes the game more dynamic and interesting.

You’re suggestion will make the game worse.

No one wants to face planes they cannot touch at all. The only way for a 5.0 prop to kill a 7.0 jet is if the Jet makes a massive mistake.

Why can’t we just increase the max BR?

  1. Still a good change IMO
  2. The only way for the jet to kill the prop is if the prop makes a huge mistake. Why do y’all keep fixating like the prop NEEDS to be the one on the offensive?
  3. Because we have been asking for that for years and Gaijin hasn’t done it. They likely never will, so why not ask for another option?