Air battles BUT guns only

I have spoken with a lot of people about what their main problem with high - top tier air RB currently is.

This ranged from “Gaijin plz gib F22” to “bigger maps”

One of the things that most people seemed to agree on, is that top tier has turned into a missile infested shit show. While newer and better missiles are most definitely a cool thing to see (especially with active radar homing missiles seemingly on the horizon), it kinda ruins the overall experience. As we have seen with the newish aim9Ms and R73s.

A new game mode: guns only, could somewhat alleviate the pain of missile spam and could also give stock planes a better chance of getting research done, for example the F16A with stock aim9Js.

BRs would ofc have to be reviewed, eg.: F5, Yak38

If you want gun jetfights, why not play early jets? Those were the days.

With the netcode and speed of high BR planes, I often wonder if hit detection still does its job.

I had this thought one match while getting in a couple gunfights with my F-16AJ. It was fun.

I think it would be cool in the form of a limited time event.

You just dont often have chance anymore nowadays to really get involved in a prolonged dogfight in top tier due to these modern missiles that can fuck you from multiple kilometres away. Its an aspect of high tier jet combat that is just not used enough.

It’s not a bad idea, but would just be the same few aircraft vs the same few aircraft. Not only would some be totally unable to play the gamemode, like the Sea Vixen or Buc, or any aircraft that doesnt have a gun. It would also be impossible to play in aircraft not meant to be using their guns. Like the Tornados.

At top tier it would basically be F-16 vs F-16 with maybe the occasional Mig-29 having a go. Something like the Harrier Gr7 might make a rare appearance, but not often. At lower tiers you might get a few more things, but it would be mostly dominated by Swedish aircraft I reckon or dogfighters like the F-5. Again, you wouldnt see any Tornados, Phantoms, Mig-23s etc. It would be a gamemode for only those that can gunfight effectively, which is not common at top tier, because surprise. They are designed to use missiles and the gun is secondary and for a lot of early missile jets. A total after thought as it was considered redudant for years

I think the only brackets that it would be good in, is the transition brackets, where you start phasing out gunfighters in favour of missiles. Aircraft like the Hunters would be strong in such a gamemode for example. (though a decompression would be more effective)

Additionally, at top tier only aircraft that can dogfight will be viable like the F-16, Mig-29 and maybe Mirage. Everything else will not be played because of any number of reasons; No gun, lack of maneuverability, low ammo count or just terrible guns.

Your idea is simply garbage and untenable. If you want just dogfighting your solution is simple; stay away from Cold War and modern aircraft BRs. Stick with WW2 and Post War aircraft.

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Ah, you want the game to become easier.

Most jets dont have enough ammo for guns only mode

who says it has to remain a 16 vs 16 clusterfuck?

After thousands of air RB matches I am just starting to get bored of the same gameplay over and over again. A change in pace aka a new gamemode with different goals and method would do a lot imo

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Whatever makes you happy man. XD, xant tell if you come into comment sections to make an intentional ragebait or are just this delusional. But pls for the next time add sth useful to the conversation except… you know what. Either way have fun

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