Air arcade at top tier needs to have bigger maps

I am constantly joining arcade games at top tier jets with just a giant furball in the middle of the map.

These games are incredibly unfun as you need eyes on all sides at once to spot the 1000 missiles flying everywhere and figure out if you are being targeted.
Most jets seem to have only ~60 countermeasures, so you quickly run out of flares, there is no option on a lot of jets for extra (some seem to have 1000’s of countermeasures with extras!)
To make matters even worse if you try to fly away from the insanity to get some sensible engagements you get turned around for flying outside the minuscule area.

Occasionally I get into a game of 6v6 - 10v10 on a decent sized map. My god the difference is insane, you can actually spend a few minutes having a dogfight without exploding instantly to 5 different missiles, or someone flying straight into you, or having everything you damage be killstealed.

There are plenty of large maps used in realistic battles, is it seriously that hard to have the 16v16 games above rank 7 on larger maps?

The simple solution would be to remove ordnance reload in the air, and you have to go above your airfield to a certain altitude to reload, assuming arcade players are too novice to force them into landing.

Bigger maps will just make even less players play the mode at those tiers when it comes to arcade. Just make it so that you can’t camp at high altitude with homing missiles and the problem will be gone when everyone has to get back to a starting position to reload.