Air Arcade Assault (Early Jets suffer)

Could there maybe be a high prop/low jet tier of this? Its a lot of fun. But my Me262 is not going to compete with a J-11 who gets 180+air kills. I suspect that one was a bit of a cheat going on. I barely covered costs. No one else came even close to that one player.

you get more points for a kill or assist but that doesn’t make a difference as you fly around for 15 minutes hoping you can reach a target. then you have to be lucky enough to get a hit before team kills enemy

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Unfortunately Gaijin lacks the resources, or talent, to fix the MANY prevalent issues with both assault game modes or to even begin making a better co-op experience. All their focus is on making new premium vics that cost the price of a full game.

If I could give any advice it is this, invest in an entry level HOTAS and start learning to fly in DCS because that is a much more rewarding experience than all of warthunder at this point.