Air arcade: are there other maps than Domination: Kuban?

I’ve been trying to advance my Arcade air battle special task of destroying 15 bases (got 13 of 15) and so far have encountered Domination: Kuban 10 times in a row, both in 1 airfield and 3 airfield versions (and as you may remember, Domination maps have no bases, which is a bummer in my situation).

Is something wrong? Has Air Arcade Battle been renamed to Kuban Domination Air Arcade Battle and I missed the memo??

Could we (just dreaming) BAN certain types of maps (say, no Domination) while we’re trying to bomb bases?

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I have encountered similar thing, but with Air Domination. I have configured the Air Arcade mode dislikes to be 4 Air Domination maps. Result: at best 5 Air Dominations in a row, even if eventually I had 10 minute breaks between games. About 40% of the games have been Air Dominations.

Combination of Air Domination and destroy bases/N ground targets tasks is frustrating. As a result I have exited the game several times during the last days because I got the feeling that the matchmaker does not want me to have fun.

Also I have tried to play with the new German He 115. Result: 1 Korsun ground assault, 5 Air Dominations…

Due to the nature of the current map rotation process, it is possible to see the same map(s) several times before they “rotate out” and are replaced by other maps. Should you encounter this, as it seems you have… lol, you can try different BR’s/nations/line up’s for a few to see if that helps. Or even go play a few rounds in tanks or ships while you wait. I’m fairly sure that each map is set to rotate after “X” amount of games are played on it, so it’s basically a waiting game. Just gotta learn to roll with the flow and not let it get to you. No sense adding more pressure on yourself, the game doesn’t need your help for that . . . lol. But just jamming the same line up/nation/BR over & over won’t speed it up either . . . work the game, don’t let it work you . . . . stay chill . . . and goo ruck

…you mean as in roll German Arcade Air, get bloody Domination, roll Russian AA, get bloody Domination, roll Israel AA, get bloody Domination, roll UK AA, get bloody Domination, while I’m taking a break from USA RG?

There’s not even a goal involving Domination battles…

And yes, I’ve noticed the “map rotation” thing. But the matchmaker should be a little responsive to what the player is trying to achieve, I mean, if someone just dropped out from 4 AA Domination maps in a row, maybe there is a reason? Like, they’re tyring to destroy bases and thus need some map with bases??

The only thing the matchmaker takes into consideration, as far as I am aware, is the BR of your line up in Arcade. In air it’s the “average”(not sure why they still use that for this mode only) and highest BR vehicle in your line up for everything else. And whatever server(s) you have selected. RB & Sim have some nation specific variables, but in the end I think a map just has to run so many games then it rotates out, as mentioned before. The only time I notice it at all is when player count dips below 100k, maybe 110k when I am just playing the 1 server group, NA. But the majority of the time I may get similar maps in air, like domination or ground strike, but there are also some others like frontline that show up as well. Sometimes you just have to be patient . . it’s not a “conspiracy”, just how it goes sometimes . . many things to consider . . you can handle it.

Domination and Air Domination matches are much more common below 3.7 BR. Try playing something higher and you should see them less

Oh yes. It is then Air Conquest that comes to play. And Air Conquest is Domination with useless bases. Of the 12 first matches for today 7 were Air Conquests, and only 5 were Dominations…
BR was 3.7 - 5.0 and I had all the nations. After the first 12 there was 1 Ground Strike, then 1 Air Conquest again, and finally 4 Ground Strikes and 1 Front Line. So 17 matches of which 13 were Dominations or Air Conquests.

I have patience, but I have only a limited time spare for the game. Waiting for 10 minutes before so that matchmaker has time to start a new round is not a good idea of user experience.

Also they have a lot of player data and it seems odd that they do not use that in matchmaking. Like “This player has played the game for 10 years. He has not played a single Air Domination for 8 years. He has marked Air Domination maps as disliked in the Air Arcade config. Let’s not throw 5 Air Dominations in row against him because he will not play it.”