Air Ace crew skills

How many of you that are still grinding have Ace crews? And how many per nation etc

I have a number of ace crews… between 1 and 3 depending on nation. I play some planes a LOT, and that resulted in ace crews.
As I don’t buy them but just let it happen …

Also I play casually for about a year now, so take that into account when I say “play a lot”.

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What exactly do you mean with “ace” crews?

And just air crews?

Crew skill level on a particular plane. Basic, expert then ace and yes for air, i dont play tanks much

But it is still not clear how you want us to count.

If I have 5 crews, can my answer be at most 5, because they all have ace status for some plane, or can it be 50, because they all have ace status on 10 planes each?

What if several crews have ace status for the same plane?

Don’t mind me just passing through. I am a ground main and just bought SU-11 because I feel like wanted to make sure Gaijin boss can buy new bmws/mercedes, now I have one question, if I ACE’d the crews will the pilot stop going to sleep when I turn? my pilot crew level is 65 and expert, still getting a black screen when I turn aggressively, if I bought ACE will it help?

I don’t have a single ace crew on a plane/tank at all. The closest I am to getting one is in the M4A5 which is still 250k rp away.

The RP costs are really high, and imo premiums shouldn’t have double the ace crew rp cost.

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Just a few airplanes, mostly premium ones where its easy to get Ace for free.

Will help a lot but don’t elimate G lock completely.
It was the only ace I bought with GE because the crew was not fully spaded and i grinded the whole techtree with the SU11.

Then your an ace’r 😆

Does anyone know if weapon maintenance afects gun spread, ive seen someone mentioned that it does , but i dont think it does

Actually, ace requirement on premiums is double that of regular planes.

Which is cancelled out by premiums getting double the RP rewards. So it is not harder to get premius aced than any other plane.
What does go fastest is a non-premium talisman’ed plane.

Which was my point!

So we agree to get aces most quickly you need to have non-premium Talismans. That being said, of my ace crews ONE is a premium, TWO others are talismans… which sort of mean the same thing… I play a plane a lot because I like playing it, I get a talisman for it because if I am playing it a lot might as well focus the frequent playing into making that useful… that again turns into it getting aced eventually… happened with the B18B first for me.
The only Premium I aced is my nation bonus premium (in my case, Tusk’s Gladiator)

Most of my aced vehicles have talismans, but there are exceptions. But as the TS still hasn’t made up his mind on how he wants things counted, I can’t be bothered.

I only have like 3 or 4 Aced vehicles. I’ve been playing this game since 2012. I have a lot of Expert crews though (mostly tier V and lower planes). Even Expert gets way too expensive at the higher tiers to maintain.

The SL requirements for Experting crews compared to what you actually earn in battle, are unrealistic and needs to be re-evaluated.

Ive got one aced plane, the A6M5 Ko, and two aced tanks, the Chi Nu II and japanese M24 Chaffee.

I have mostly played all 3 of those vehicles in one lineup for years now as it is my favourite lineup, hence them all being aced.

I have enough RP earned to have aced my Super Hellcat by now, but I have bounced it around all my USA crew slots to grind up crew levels, so all of that RP is spread out over 4 different crews and thus none of them are aced.

Im getting close to acing a few other planes, such as the F4EJ Kai, but I doubt Ill fly that plane much anymore since the F16 got released, especially as it got severely hurt in its ability to perform by the F16/Mig29 release and the meta change.

My japanese air crew slot is the only crew slot I have a crew at max level for too.