Air AB - Big Game task (with Domination... dominating)

Any advice on how to complete “Big Game” task (destroy bases) in Arcade nowadays?

Was there any update explaining change in map rotation in favour of Domination maps?

When I play Air AB (still prefer RB) I do enjoy dominations maps. It also help to complete “Capture and Hold” challenge.

I wish there was a choice of Air AB mode to make all tasks doable.

I wonder the same myself. 60-75% of the maps are Domination maps. I stopped to select the “destroy 15 bases” special task because currently it takes days to complete it. “Destroy 6 bases” is doable in one day, if you just play 10+ games and wait for maps with bases.

“Air Conquest” helps because the bases respawn. But points from those bases are close to nothing and destroying them does not help to win a match.

I had to be unlucky because 100% maps today were Domination… which helped with the challenge but that is not the point.

Today I have kind of 50/50… seems I was just unlucky for couple of days.

AB Is horrible (particularly these days) for bombers that aren’t fast. It absolutely sucks playing them. Half the matches you can get a few hundred points because you can kill some AA/tanks if your other bomber team mates don’t get them first. Other matches you will have someone with a console tag who can’t kill anything else, follow you for 13km across the map where your tail falls off in one hit. Removing ‘kill bomber’ tasks and tags off them would help immensely because they can’t see the bomber at 13km with a 720p potato.

I just spawn a fast plane, and drop a small bomb on whatever I can get to get that task.

You don’t actually have to kill it so you could take a fast bomber, and hit 2 - 3 in one match if you’re lucky, maybe even all 4 if people are slow.

yes, every i purschase Big Game special task in air AB, it always guide battle type to Domination, per 1 battle had base u have play up to 10-15 battles dominating. it spend ~2 hours to wait several battles enough which had base to complete this task, equal to other task even long-term than, ex Big Game in air RB which u have to destroy up to 20 base fk Gayjin

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Here’s the best part of your theory sir. Unless thebchallenge says with a type of bomber and only says destroy base a single rocket or 50kg bomb from a fighter will give you the task if someone else destroys the base. Ill take a p47 or something similar and drop on the closest base and let someone else finish it for me. Better yet when thebmap allows drop on multiple bases in one run tonimprove the odds.

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Destroy 6 bases in air AB is doable in 1-2 games usually.

Take a fighter bombers with 4 bombs or some rockets, hit every base. Change plane for a decent bomber, destroy bases, that’s worth 8 bases.

Every drop on a base with a different plane counts as a separate base if the base is destroyed.

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