AIM9L against 9.0 planes without the flares and chaffs. Definition of fairness and balance

The only option for me left when facing this missile is J out so other guy doesn’t get a kill.
Lovely job of balance there.


New update changed balance of top tier, who would have known :D

it’s the only place that they can really achieve kills. the IR resistance is so poorly modelled, a match can make a 9L chase even when looking at an afterburner.

RuSsIaN bIaS.

Yep it’s primarily why my friends have all gone back down to early tier jets or ww2. No fun grinding against missile’s you SHOULDN’T EVEN FACE. No fun in only getting kills by head ons or 3rd partying some plane once they’re a bit slower.

Very little fun too be had, plenty of frustration. As a player who might be considered an orca in terms of financial spending for this game Gaijin REALLY needs to look at this 8.7-11.3 range and make some adjustments because paying customers like myself stop paying when the fun stops and there is little fun too be had getting shot down by missiles you got no chance against.

If they don’t want to do adjustments just give every plane minimum amount of chaff/flares to give them a chance against such situations. OR when certain planes are in downtiers have certain missiles restricted to that downtier. Their plane performance is still a huge advantage, let that be the advantage, not this easy point and click vulture playstyle currently destroying any fun for the early tier jets.

And how old kings such as F-2 Sabre and CL-13A Mk.5, Hunter F.1 fallen.

Yeah Aim9L’s slaughtering migs with no countermeasures from 5km away is russian bias ^_^

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hard cope

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Well, if in 8.x to 9.x, only subsonic aircraft with only about AIM-9B/AIM-9E missiles are allowed to be in the BR range there, we can go back to the days when dueling skills were actually needed, as they used to be.