Aim7F Bug, feature or full hard drive?

After the last update the Sparrows felt good. Played Air RB today and now the Sparrows behave strangly.
They miss, crash into the ground or do not even try to fly towards the locked target. I have encountered this a lot recently and it does not feel right.
Is this worth a bug report or is this a feature? Am I doing something wrong here? What’s going on?
Showcase in the video.

Bug Report is open:

i mean the missile is not russian so don’t expect anything else than this lmao


Okay, Ive recorded the sensor view aswell where you clearly can see that something has to be buggy.

As i said the 7M or F is unuseable

Ive seen your thread but after I’ve created this one. However I’ve also opened a bug report shown in the first post.