The AIM-9M is a good missle in game of course, but did it get Debuffed? It seems to miss alot more

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The AIM-9M can be more dodgeable than R-73 sometimes due to the differences in the seeker and how people just figured out how to dodge. The way I’ve heard it is that when the seeker of a 9M sees a flare, it turns off the seeker temporarily and continues flying the inertial flight path, often hitting. The way to dodge them is to spam flares and shortly after, turn in the opposite direction you were flying. Meanwhile the R-73 and Magic 2 only have a really small seeker so they will continue to track unless you trick it better by spamming flares and spinning to put so many flares behind your burner that it cant see anymore

Yeah, I know how they work but Ill see someone flare and keep going straight not even flare spam a singluar flare and the 9M misses every time, or when I shoot at a enemy and my missle tracks a friendly randomly and hits them when I didnt even launch it on the friendly