Aim-9M not locking frontally without slaving

After the Seek & Destroy update, I notice that the Aim-9M is unable to locking on target frontally. I have tried different matches using F16C and 15C, vs Mirrages, Mig29s, SU27s and F15/16 and the 9M almost unable to frontally lock on any planes, even when the distance is less than 3km, there’s even a case when a Mirrage is 1.7km away frontally and the 9M still couldn’t get a lock on him.

However, when I tried with radar slaving then the missile get a lock on target, even with 4-5 km away.
I also did some testing from different angle and vs flares, sides get a lock around 3-5km, rear get lock at >6km, frontal flare get lock from >4km.

Therefore, I’m not sure if its a bug or the missile got changed during the patch. Please raise it to the staff if you encounter the same issue as me.

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Thanks for the info. However, the reduced locking range of 9M just happened recently after the major update so I dont think it related to the report.

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