Aim-120s Possibly getting added onto the AV-8B Plus

So I’m sure that the Aim-120A is going to be added onto a few top tier fighters but what about strike aircraft?
The AV-8B Plus has the full capability to have Aim-120s mounted and launched from the aircraft due to it having F/A-18 radar.
What do you all think about this and would you want this added or not?

Sources: McDonnell Douglas AV-8B Harrier II - Wikipedia

McDonnell Douglas AV-8B Harrier II - Wikipedia - DuckDuckGo 1_10_2024 12_27_59 AM

  • Yes I would want this added onto the AV-8B.
  • No I would not want this added onto the AV-8B.

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I have a feeling if they decided to give AMRAAMS to lesser performing air frames first it would explain why the Americans haven’t go their AV8B + yet so i think it should get it when it comes

For historical reasons, sure, add them.

Problem though: This should then also kick the AV-8B+ up in BR massively…

Hard to balance, I think.

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Right now its already facing 12.3 vehicles due to it being 11.7 so it wouldn’t change much of the gameplay of it.

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Yeah true but probably 12.0 or 12.3 BR. Minimum 12.0 imo cuz if it gets downtiers, that’s brutal.

It would drastically change what it faces.
It’d face 13.0 stuff if it got AMRAAMs.

In essence, it would probably end up at the same BR as the Sea Harrier FA2. Though would need slightly better A2G kit to compensate. Maybe a gen 3 T-pod

Even then though getting a downtier in that BR is so slim. But 12.0 wouldn’t be bad for it, i play it a lot in ASB and ARB and its not that bad fighting F-16s and such, just got to know when to launch your missiles.

It would be better then the sea harrier in every way but radar
Sea Harrier FA2 is a harrier one airframe

Yep, though both have the same mk105 engine

FA2 holds the advantage with the much better radar and I think volume of missiles… (i cant recall if AV-8B+ can run 4x Aim-9M and 2x AMRAAM like the FA2 can. Or if its 2x Aim-9M and 2x AMRAAM)

Av-8B+ holds the advantage with turn performance and A2G loadout, as well as CM count.

I think radar though will be the greatest advantage though. Blue Vixen is kinda insane in performance, and with the main weapon likely being the AMRAAM, that might be worth the disadvantages/

(Also Aim-120Bs on the FA2)

Im pretty sure its less due to it being a harrier one and having a smaller wing span so i think 4 AMRAAMS

FA2 is 2x Aim-9M/2x BOL or 4x Aim-9M or 2x BOL/2x AMRAAM on the wings and then 2x AMRAAM on the belly.

yes the AV-8B Plus can have 4 Aim-120s

Is the AV-8B+ just 4x AAM hardpoints?

I think is 2 Aim-9s on the tips of the wings, 4 Aim-120s in the middle of the wings and be belly and one bomb in the middle of the belly

Ah yep, so if its wing tips then they would have the same max AAM count then, ( though AV-8B+ could maintain 2x IR whilst running 4x AMRAAM, FA2 couldnt do that)

Also Av-8B+ will have the BOL count as well

Fa2 can take less missiles for more counter measures

Here’s a photo if you needed it.

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As far as I know the AV-8B+ doesn’t use BOL?

Assumed it did, in the same config as the Gr7. Never actually looked at the Italian one and it doesnt. So in that case, With BOL, FA2 would have the CM count advantage, with twin mounts the AV-8B+ would have the CM count advantage