AIM-120C-5 for JAS39 Grippen

If u look this link up you’ll see that the grippen can carry the AIM-120C. You may wonder why am I doing this post.
Its because of the fact that the AIM120A is not really balanced if you know the stats of the MICA or R-77. I just want it balanced because the AIM120A is way to slow and 35Gs, c’mon MICA and R-77 get 50G and even the Aim120B and AAM-4 can pull 40Gs. So pls can the grippen get them?

I mean. There is nothing to do about it. We just wait for an update that brings more, better amraams :))

G pull is a meaningless stat ingame look at fin AOA to see the actual pull the missile has

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Tell me how. I’m on Ps5 pretty hard to test it Ig

There’s literally a missile spreadsheet from testing a few month back go look at it

The MICA has thrust vectoring, which really only helps it at close range engagements. It makes sense for it to pull 50Gs. The R-77’s stat card (like all stat cards for that matter) lie. Maybe it can pull 50Gs but it doesnt have thrust vectoring, the motor burns out quickly, and has a lot of drag. In a long range engagement against an AMRAAM it would lose simply because it doesn’t have as much energy.