Aie 9.3 is a joke

Its such a sad state right now. 9.3 is useless vs 10.0 and it seems 80% of all battles are 10.0+

The Mig-19s fx. it completly useless vs anything above 9.7. There NEED to be put a stop to fly vs all-aspect missil boats that can pick off defensless 9.3’s with no skill needed.

I realy feel, its a shame, that air RP is such a mess right now (and have been for a long time).

I think we need to move down jets on the BR rank that dont have counter mesurs and missils… Because right now, I personaly J out in a 10.0 battle, because I am completly useless in my 19s…

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Well, if you cannot do anything in a Mig 19 against a 10.0 jet presumably with all aspects, you are playing it wrong. there is also the option of bring rockets as a poor mans flares, it isnt succesful all the time but its better than none

The variety of what is lumped under 9.3 is amazing. There are some planes with flares and guided missiles, and then there are planes (fighters) without either.

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As said the Mig19s can carry rocketpods working pretty well as CM even against AIM9Ls. But a Mig19 has no problems fighting A10 or SU25 without CMs. It’s about positioning…

The amount of full uptiers is a problem in general because 12.3 gets full downtiers >90% and at 9.3 in special because of the F5C/A5C/AV8A/SU25K/A10A/Mig21s spam