AI wingmen for war thunder

  1. Enhanced Immersion:
  • AI wingmen would make the game world feel more alive and dynamic. Players would no longer fly solo; they’d have companions to share the skies with.
  • Imagine coordinating maneuvers, calling out targets, and executing complex strategies alongside AI wingmen. This would create a more immersive experience.
  1. Tactical Depth:
  • Having wingmen introduces tactical depth. Players could assign specific roles to their AI companions (e.g., cover, attack, or reconnaissance).
  • Different AI personalities (aggressive, cautious, or balanced) could affect their behavior during combat, adding strategic choices for players.
  1. Mission Variety:
  • Missions could involve joint operations with AI wingmen. For instance:
    • Escort missions: Protecting bombers or transport planes.
    • Interception missions: Intercepting enemy aircraft.
    • Ground attack missions: Striking ground targets together.
  • Each mission type would require different strategies and coordination.
  1. Ease of Implementation:
  • Implementing AI wingmen is feasible because the game already has AI-controlled vehicles (e.g., ground units, ships).
  • The existing AI logic could be adapted for wingmen, making development smoother.
  1. Customization and Progression:
  • Players could customize their wingmen’s loadouts, skills, and appearance.
  • As players progress, they could unlock better AI wingmen with improved abilities.
  1. Solo Play Enhancement:
  • For players who prefer solo play, AI wingmen would provide reliable companionship.
  • AI wingmen could adapt to the player’s style, complementing their strengths and covering weaknesses.

In summary, AI wingmen would enrich War Thunder by adding immersion, depth, and variety. They’d be a valuable addition for both solo and cooperative play. 🚀✈️


The AI in this game is not very good. This would also be very frustrating to deal with since a lot of people use the radar/compass to see if there are players around them and people already don’t like that the AI look the same as a player marker. I don’t really see this as being useful.


Copy and paste from chat gpt or bing ai


the only aircraft that need ai are bomber pilots to help increase survivability and have a system like aces high does with their bombers

I would rather have AI radar vehicles for SPAAs that dont have built in radar.

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Imho gaijin tries to avoid immersion, depth and variety at all cost - just in order to keep the entry barrier low enogh that 12 year old kids can participate.

I like your idea in general, but imho it is rather hopeless to get such things implemented.

In an ideal world your ai wingman would reflect your personal skill level and might be also to be connected to an investment (like 5.000 SL to use this option for each match). So having your own top cover when you play solo 1 vs 3-5 would be appreciated.

Why do you think that? AIs / NPCs just act how you allow them to act.

Imho 20 years ago Il-2 offered rather nasty and quite good ai prop opponents via the mission editor - shaking off ai fighters in FR was only possible if you could turn slightly tighter and force them into an upward spiral - and this took ages.

Same with AI gunners - attacking combat boxes of B-17s was on highest ai level almost impossible due to their insane gunner aim…


That sounds extremely annoying to deal with if this gets implemented for fighters.

The only way I can see this being fun if you could assign ground targets to the AI strike fighters we already have and you being their escort protecting them from enemy players while they do their job.

have you ever looked at the ai in this game?
Like the solo missions you can do?
The only way, they can kill a decent player, is by swarming them in sim, bc they are omniaware, and even then depending on the plane you have a chance.