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Hi , so i just received a 24 hr ban due to collateral damage resulting in the destruction of friendly AI ground units in Simulator Enduring Confrontation. So this happened over two games where i was attacking an enemy tank and the resulting blast from a 500lb bomb killed two Friendly 106mm AT guns, this got me kicked from the match, unfortunate as this was never the case before , but i thought oh ok perhaps they changed this. found another game and then a similar incident, i made and attack run on enemy ground units and a friendly 106mm AT gun was caught in the blast. That resulted in me being kicked and then receiving a 24hr ban, was just wondering is this Intentional? being kicked and or Banned for destruction of Friendly AI. Friendly players i can understand, but just wondering if they decided to ramp up the hardcore difficulty for the game… the AI does not forgive apparently.
Has anyone else had something similar to this happen?


#AI Lives matter


well you make me worry. I have to be even more cautious now with CAS in RB, it sounds like from what you are telling me. Shame sometimes I really feel like dropping a bomb on a team mate, though never have and never will!

That is kinda dumb. I have accidentally killed teammates before and it only ever gives me a warning. no kick no ban no nothing. just a warning. but it kicks you for a AI fracticide… That is kinda silly xD

Of course i have - A few months ago i tried to escape a horde of interceptors swarming me in Air RB and released my last bomb in an emergency drop from about 6km in order to pick up speed - and somehow managed to kill all of the 34? friendly railway cars on the “Battle of the Rhine” map with a single Swedish 600kg M50 bomb - i got immediately kicked out…

But there was no additional ban…

Team Kills - also AI - may get you kicked from the match, but if it is excessive, it will result in a ban.

This is all handled by the automated system, and this is in place and working well since a long time, unchanged afaik.

Players often aren’t aware or don’t notice how many Team Kill or Team Damage instances they may have caused. Also in this case mentioned by OP, it wasn’t just two AI units, but actually more…

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So you are going to reverse it or ? ? ?

cheers for clarifying that, i have never experienced a kick let alone a ban from a Simulator EC battle for that before and so was unsure if that system had been changed. i dont set out to kill friendly AI but it does happen from time to time, ill make sure to be more aware of my bombing location from now on. :)

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Have you tried not killing friendly AI? no need to thank me :)

Jokes aside - there is a reason why CAS have “danger close” mode.
Sadly in game you are your own JTAC and have to make calls yourself

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