AI jets can now use AAM in EC map?

I just got killed by an MiG-21F-13 using R-3S in Air RB and have no idea is that a bug or not

Wow, I know AI can kill you with guns, and AI controlled F-86 is supersonic in sim EC but using missiles? That’s new for me xD


This is a feature and has been for a long time


Oh right, there are features, not bugs in this game :)

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Sorry, AI controlled F-86

yes lol, wth?
thats kinda broken…
gaijin be like: yes its a feature

AI F-5E go ~1800kph at sea level
AI Yak-38 go ~1200kph at sea level
AI F-86 go ~1100kph at sea level

Yak-38 i knew of but damn…

yeah its a huge issue especially in dev server where you have to fight those

do they have like Arcade speed or something

No, they just fly at their max statcard top speed regardless of altitude and also have insane acceleration

This MiG-21 deserves 5000 GE from Thunder Show

Yeah lol

I remember a match I had on the dev server with the F-111, there was one enemy left, an AI MiG-19. I activated a Blind Hunt to find it, and as soon as I did that it accelerated to like mach 4 and flew 60km out of bounds in a few seconds.

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Yak38s used to go almost Mach2, i remember watching one on radar with 1400m/s of closure


lmao wtf

If i go searching long enough i might find screenshots, the Yak38s used to be faster than some early missiles.

Aircraft in EC will fly at whatever speed the game tells them to. If the game decides they need to go at 1200kph in a Sabre to reach the next waypoint, they’ll do those 1200kph.

They can fire AAMs in air RB, sure. I’ve been downed by one while I was limping back to base and managed to align with a flock of AI planes.

Has been in the game for over 2 years. It’s only active on the defensive aircraft.