AH-64D Stingers

Maybe I’m used to the ones on the LAV-AD, but it is crazy how the stingers on the Apache do not want to exist. The seeker has no trouble acquiring lock in all aspects, but it does not maintain that lock once fired. Nor does it seem like the missile has the performance to contend with most of the aerial threats you’ll face at 11.7 - G pull is awful in perpendicular shots even with lead, and in some cases the enemy plane just turns a little and outruns the missile.


Because they only have access to the Basic Stinger (FIM-92A) instead of later variants(FIM-92C RMP or -92E RMP Block I).


Further the fact that the POST seeker(-92B and later) is a UV/IR Pseudo imager (Rosette Scan technique), means that if things were fairly implemented / approximated, it should receive similar range bonuses to the Photo contrast mechanic.

But imagine treating NATO equipment fairl


it’s gaijin’s nightmare to treat NATO fairly, ah64d is hella bad compared to the ka-52


The AH-64 is pretty even with the KA-52 the only thing worse is the 8km range on 16x hellfires compared to the 10km range on 12x vikhrs besides NATO still has the best heli missiles overall with the PARS and SPIKE ER


You clearly havent dealt with helis since the ATGM changes. All heli based ATGMs are significantly less responsive and will only catch afk planes if you turn even slightly it will throw off a vikhr and idk what you’re on about with hellfires not killing they work fine as long as you’re not sitting at 2km alt making the lofting even worse causing them to strike the hull at a 90° angle.


No, it isn’t. Even just comparing how god awful hellfires are in WT versus how overpowered vikhurs are shows that. Further, the AH-64A doesn’t even have MAWS but the Ka-50 certainly does. (I know the Ka-50 is not a Ka-52)


You’re crazy. Vikhrs are the best multirole missile in the game, and they are way more consistent than hellfires because you can aim them to hit weak points. By contrast hellfires have reduced range because they loop up in the air…before diving back down and following a direct impact trajectory. So you get all the negatives of a lofted missile, with none of the top-down attack benefits. It’s either laziness on their behalf because they can’t be bothered to model top-down attack profiles correctly, or it’s intentional negligence. Probably both. Don’t get me started on how little damage they do when they do connect but are “blocked” by a MG.


You clearly haven’t experienced none of those helicopters since you say having 16x hellfires are great while your missile travels 4km in 18 seconds, enemy sam already manage to intercept you in 3 secs. Do not even start on the spikes where they immediately self destructs when a little piece of grass in sight of the seeker or missile aims for the front side of the SPAAs and only kills driver where soviet High explosives just overpressures from the same spot.


Angry about 6km+ uncaged all aspect lock missiles with IRCCM when jets they can play (9.3 to 10.3) have no all aspect seekers (except the A10s and Su25s, we know it’s a problem), some have no countermeasures (9.3 to 10), and can’t even pick up helicopters on radar if they stay low because of ground clutter. The helicopter AA missiles are fine for the BRs they are currently at.

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It’s less about them being AA missiles on helicopters and more about them being undermodeled when lots of NATO spaa uses it. Meanwhile strela is still obliterating everything at 10.0 lmao.


All Helis are bad compared to Ka-52


Correct me if I’m wrong here because it was before my time, but was there once a time where helicopter PVP games were a thing? I could 100 percent see how that would just be crazy because of the AA missiles they get.

Yes, but it was also before I started playing. From what I’ve heard it was just a mode where ka-50s would completely dominate and obliterate everything and anything. It was removed for the PVE arcade rubbish we have now.

I could 100 percent see why it would go so badly with the AA missiles that are available for helicopters. Not that I like heli PVE, but putting helicopters with any other aircraft (helicopters or planes) for air to air combat would be disasterous.

The R-60M and AIM-9L were wild on introduction when very little in the game had Flares (nothing other than Helicopters did, 24V/Ps were a niche pick for CAS so rarely ever seen in GRB, bombing was faster even if ATGMs had no range limitation back then), the very first PvP was AH-1Gs annihilating everything until V/P Hinds received R-60Ms and clubbed back.

MANPADS were fairly easy to flare off when they were first introduced (again nothing really had flares other Helicopters) but the volume of premium Tiger HAPs made PvP EC very annoying, Stingers had a lead guidance quirk where it would trail low and pull up into the target last second and as a result; missed pretty much everything you fired at and if by some miracle you hit, the enemy probably wouldn’t notice as it did no damage most of the time as well.

Vikhrs killed the mode, I shouldn’t really need to say a why premium helicopter with 10km SACLOS laser-guided airburst proximity-fuse ATGMs did so much damage but pile on a 12km air-to-air radar for the Ka-52 as well.

The A2A missiles on Helis aren’t that scary as long as you’re aware of them, even the TY-90, best A2A missile available to Helis next to the Vipers 9M can be flared off (it can barely even hit a ka-50 hovering due to MAW flares). Stinger/Igla/Mistral can be out pulled quite easily often without intending to and the ATAS Stinger doesn’t even have a proxy fuse.


Also the KA-52 is in a class of its own in real life.

In terms of being a dual rotor Heli? Sure. In terms of capabilities as an attack helicopter it’s a joke compared to the echo series Apaches. Don’t base your judgement on how the NATO Helis are in WT, they are gimped on purpose to make the game “balanced”.


Oh yeah, things could get out of hand pretty quickly, also the AGM-179 exists as well, but I haven’t seen to much info on it


[…] when jets at the same br (10.3 to 11.3) have no all aspect seekers (except the A10s and Su25s, we know it’s a problem)

Yeah sure @Laserdestroy - NO Jets at BR 10.3-11.3 where the Heli would meet them in Ground RB would have All-Aspect seekers on Air to Air Missiles. Right.

Well, except some planes like:
Mig-21bis, Mig-21bis-SAU, Mig-23MLA, Mig-23MLD, Mig-23M, Mig-23MF, Mig-27M, Mig-27K, SU-17M4, SU-22M4, Sea Harrier FRS.1, Sea Harrier FRS.1 (e), All Tornadoes, AMX, F-104S.ASA, Mirage F1C, Mirage F1CT, Mirage F1C-200, JA37-D, AJS37, KfirC.7, KfirC.2, Kurnass 2000

But yeah, except those ~25 planes (and except the A10 and Su25) no Jets at that tier have All Aspect…

… do you even play the game?
You literally have a lot of planes with All-Aspect seekers, how can you say no planes at 10.3-11.3 have them? I circled your 10.3-11.3 planes with all-aspect missiles red for you, so you can practice a bit with them…

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Ah indeed you are correct. I was more in the mindset of the 9.3 to 10.3 portion that these helicopters could see I got mixed up and made a mistake. Thats why I mentioned the A10 and Su-25 because I was thinking 10.0, which is obviously before 10.3 like I mentioned. Thanks for the correction.