AH-1G pointless?

So I’ve spent several days playing with a new helicopter and I can’t figure out the point of it. For starters at 8.3 Everyone on enemy team rolls Gepards from the beginning of the match just for lulz because apparently Gepard can kill not only flying vehicles but also gun down tanks.

Moreover AH-1G has no armor at all and everyone who sees it instantly starts spraying it with 50 cal. So to scrap at least one kill you have to fly over half of the map avoiding Gepards with radar systems and if you get lucky you can spray some poor soul with your rocket pods (because the rest of your armament is absolutely useless) but he has to be AFK to get himself killed apparently because again you’re not flying a real helicopter but a paper one. And to scrap a one kill you’re probably have to be extremely lucky and fly below 50m which is not very helpful either because again Gepards and the rest of the enemy team is waiting for you.

Also please don’t share the video of that hairy dude that fly it in VR with joystic and pedal setup. You don’t have to have all that in that game to scrap at least one kill every fight.

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Dont expect much from starter helis. They are not that good.


İt’s actually very good.

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I’m not saying it’s bad obviously he’s outstanding and spectacular. But if I need to be THIS good and have VR and joystick setup then there’s a problem with a vehicle. I’m pretty sure there are people who can create sick MLG PRO montages with M32 tank in uptier but this is way above average.

Not to mention the guy had to change hand placement to use some kind of weapon system at the end of the video. It’s super cool of course but it’s an overkill

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The problem with AH-1G users is that they are predictable:

BR setting for helos - check
US on other team - check
Both teams just spawned in - check
Waiting for the predictable flight path that is usually begins by flying along the flanks the map heading to the enemy spawn - check
Gun down AH-1G by anyone who is willing to look or listen - check

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I mean that’s basically any Heli rush. All you need is a pintle Mg to kill any Heli rush

*best starter heli, with exceptional flight performance and powerful rockets with first-spawn availability

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Mi-4 with literally WW2 piston engine inside is crying in the corner

Basically starter heli’s are glass cannon’s. More glass then cannon’s in most cases that basically means they don’t have that many strategies at their disposal. AH-1g is a pretty good rusher but that’s about it.

flat Map design also screw’s most of them over as well.

If you want an actual versatile helicopter that can push up with tank’s on most map’s. Try and grind for the ah-6m. Small profile, easy to fly/maneuver, Get’s bout 32 rocket’s to play with. And pretty alright tow’s if you want to grind for them.

Maybe a good way to kinda balance starter helicopter’s would be to give them larger cannon’s? Like the duck’s cannon with a slow fire rate would at least keep Heli’s around longer than resupplying for rocket’s.

Did they change the flight model in the new patch? The copter feels much easier to fly also Mighty Mouse doesn’t have sound anymore

That guy makes Italy’s starter heli look good lol.

I’ve seen people making the same comment about it. I haven’t flown it myself in a while, though.

The heli now feels more agile and I can finally hit things with Mighty Mouse. Maybe my skill grew a several steps above in one night OR they changed it significantly to make it easier to fly.

I took it in test fly and it feels alot easier to turn around at high speeds. Before it felt more like a plane BC of the heli’s areodynamic. Maybe they increased how much force the blades actually turn you with.

I grinded AB205 all the way till Mi24. Not a single GE used. I must br a masochist.

I’d argue that’s the Alluoette.

The one made literally out of glass with terrible top speed and poor handling, 4 MCLOS ATGMs with 3km range and no SAS? Honestly I’d say that’s worse, even ignoring their higher BR.

3.5km range missiles at 8.3 where most AA cannot hurt you if you sit at that distance. It’s by far the most untouchable out of the entire bunch. I’ve played it, so I know it well.

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After playing so much 8.0 that I have multiple vehicles aced there I can tell you that the Alouette is a goddamn menace, it’s nimble, small and quite hard to see, has 4 AS11s at stock (they are 3.5km range and SACLOS btw) and has 4 machine guns so it can actually defend itself against vulnerable aircraft. It’s not exactly alone though, Scout AH for example is quite similar in performance but a less common sight