AGM-65D and You

So, I have flown quite a few runs in GRB as the US. In addition to pain because of the crippling pain of the Abrams and US Top Tier as a whole. I use to enjoy running CAS in the F16C, the AGM-65D’s were in an ok play last patch. My issue - I launched 12 mavericks in my game. A full 2 salvos. I got 3 kills. 12 hits, but 3 kills. Here’s the thing - I shot a Leopard 2A6 twice with two separate mavericks and it did not die. I thought, ok, Gaijin-cringe, let’s try a different angle. I top-downed this Leopard and it only killed his top machine gun. Gaijin, I am begging you. Fix the AGMs. This is absolute pain, you have made the planes so ungodly expensive to even get into, you may as well fix the damage. Like the fact that I hit a pantsir broad side and it didn’t kill him with 39kg of explosive mass or 51kg of TNT equivalent, is mind-boggling to me. Fix the dang missiles.


This is why you shall now get AGM-65Gs, so that you don’t have to deal with this. xD

Even 65G’s are not consistent.

İ tried them couple times while i was using F-16C and got hits and criticals.

65D’s Better due to amount of missiles you can carry.

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Fair enough, although the Gs are objectively better on the Gripen.

Sadly Swedish Gripen only carry A model which is even worse then D’s.

Another reason why im annoyed to adding Gripen A to Sweden.

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Not gonna happen … never. The game “needs” to sell babies cool jets so SP for an air sit is cheap, this leads to babies purchase stuff ( like su25k, f20, tram, ka50, etc ) and most of them crash with zero or one kill, but this leads to good players “abuse” CAS. The game won’t cut the sales so as always the solution is to nerf it

You can see the billion of threads complaining about CAS, imagine with proper damage. The focus are baby players that buy stuff and just click, realism (and fun) is like the 3rd or 4th point they think about