AGM-65D and the AGM-65G the main difference

I was confused on the main differences other than the G lacks penetration and the G was heavier. from the docs i found the G is basically anti-ship, and large structures not meant for tanks. Right now the f-16 wont be fighting any ships so was the 65G needed at this time or are they planning on adding in more hard targets to shoot at or possible ships?


Its used for tanks as well that’s why the Gr7 has them


they may be good for light tanks but mbt’s will be an issue, plus Gr7 already have the 65d’s and would be a better choice to take

The Gr7 never used the D

The G in game work better against tanks

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yes i know what the game says but the G is better at killing tanks in game

not from my testing with the f-16. took 3 missiles to kill a tank with the G and one with the D

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issue on your part

ok sure

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yeah not matter where a G hits on a BVM it will OHKO

Wait, the F-16 got the 65G too?

Though only the Harrier Gr.7 did.

Also, did the G replace the D or is it an additional option?

on GR7 its a new option

The -65D in game is significantly impacted by the fact that HEAT warheads are (erroneously) effected by Overpressure penetration cap of 20mm RHAe LOS. Where as the SAP-HE warhead of the -65G is not, and so retains blast performance so should be more consistant with destroying tanks instead of getting absorbed by (N)ERA arrays.

IRL it’s 86lb of Comp. B-4[Re factor of 1.3] (125lb HEAT) vs 80lb of Octol[Re factor of ~1.5] (300lb SAP-HE)


In addition to, on both.


If the AGM-65D actually had the overpressure it should have the AGM-65G would not be needed, but here we are.

Its hilarious to me that the G has a smaller total payload than the D as well, but the former cannot overpressure anything while the latter can.

It makes no sense.

I’m absolutely certain the the D and the other HEAT 65s just do not have overpressure enabled full stop.

I’ve hit DshK milk trucks and not overpressured them, and there is nothing on that vehicle that can produce 20mm RHA eq.

Meanwhile I’ve hit the main arrays of M1s with TOWs and randomly overpressured them even without actually penetrating the tank.

Somehow a 3.75kg TNT eq missile has more usable overpressure than one with a 51.19kg TNT eq.

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basically an 150 Kg SAP warhead should be enough to kill an mbt

Its an additional option. You only get two G’s with the f-16 c

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65G was made for lighter targets that don’t require high penetration. Light vehicles like trucks / armored cars, or logistical targets like buildings, depots, and so on.

If you want a comparison to the D, use the 65H.

Yeah, he said it!

It’s all your fault. You’re definitely the reason why an autonomous munition with self-guidance is working poorly against targets it isn’t designed to fight.

You might be right, the response(s) are bit hard to parse

I just stetted it. it has overpressure damage. But to trigger it, you have to break armor with HE damage, EFP jet won’t be able to cause overpressure damage.


EFP do not cause overpressure damage. Works as intended.