AGM 65 Maverick have terrible damage output and needs fix

i am tired of only being able to get 2-3 max kills with a 6 maverick loadout.

they don’t lock on properly either as the lock constantly shifts to the side or the ground next to the enemy vehicle and then on top of that when the missile does connect it doesn’t always kill the tank in 1 hit.

the missile packs 51kg of TNT and with a direct hit only getting a hit is wild.

this should be changed to a 1 shot kill missile and the locking of the missile needs to be improved as well.

let me know if i am wrong


You don’t like playing with the Mavecrits? What’s wrong with it? ))))

There are a number of outstanding bug reports about various aspects of the AGM-65 that are awaiting a response and assorted other ordnance that uses Electro Optical guidance, none seem likely to be fixed anytime soon, and being revised doesn’t seem too likely for a while based on recent comments.

Direct link to RU forums

a non exhaustive list of them is as follows;

Its not looking like it would happen even though properly modeling things would actually make them much shorter range (and more balanced) then they are against tanks, due to their actual limitations.

Then again you get questionable responses like this one, that indicates something is up with the implementation by design.


Include this into the list.

There is something with aming 4sure.

Missile just lock ground and not showing that.

I would like to see Mavericks perform more consistently with damage, they are the most common AT AGM we will see for most western nations.

Is anyone experiencing problems with the agm 65? Right now I can’t seem to hit anything as the missile dives to the ground and then tries to pull into the target, essentially trying to get a side shot onto a target. Firing from above is impossible as the missile is going way too fast and locks up and firing on the ground level requires no obstruction and be flat.

Can you make one of this but for AGM-65D? @tripod2008

Just gonna drop these 2 vids here since its relevant.

The relevance of the bazooka vs tiger simulation is seeing the gases from the explosion enter the tank through the penetration, not just the copper jet, which means HEAT warheads should have better overpressure characteristics than similar HE warheads…


Thats how I perceive it…

If they don’t aknowledge this as a bug then it’s done on purpose for some unknown reasons… IDK how to explain it otherwise… it’s like… common sense?
Im quite sure that +50kg of explosives are quite more harmful than what the maverick does.

let me gather some materials ,wait a little.

I’d would do it myself but what needs confirmation?
That adding a metalic cone to a HE charge of 50kg won’t decrease it’s performance bellow that of a 50kg HE charge without a cone? It’s utter nonsense.

Yeah, theres not much to it… The “APHE” properties apply only to the 300Ib(136kg) warhead.
Ingame we have the smaller 126Ib(57kg) warhead ones
A/B/D/H - 57kg
E/F/G/J/K - 136kg

They simply refuse to acknowledge that a shaped charge blast is as powerful as a normal charge. And how you going to explain that to them since common sense doesn’t work?

At this point it’s so hard to not pull the Russian Bias card lol

Only option(maybe?) is to find some information about the warheads itself - WDU-20/B

i mean, this is the same game where landing a 2000lb paveway onto the UFP on a T series tank just damages its gun barrel. the overpressure flaws dont start with the maverick. the whole system is just scuffed and i dont feel anything will be done about it anytime soon.

surprisingly enough i did overpressure a leclerc today with a hit to its hull composite, far away from any thin plating it would overpressure with the games “logic”. so im guessing it does sometimes work, just usually not. reminds me of how warthunder used to have an ad on youtube saying “tired of rng? try warthunder”. and here we are, relying on what is not necessarily rng, but a system so broken it might as well be.


Fun fact everyone! Gaijins reply to “do you plan on making mavs less awful” was “we plan on making mavs MORE awful”


ehhh, that’s actually good.