AGM 65 Maverick have terrible damage output and needs fix

No, since it means theres even more chances of it hitting parts that wont do any damage. Atm they aim center mass, if they add dispersion, its more likely they’ll do dumb shit like hit the composite arrays or machine guns on top of tanks and do no damage, which is already a problem they have if theres any real armor between their launch point and the center of the tank, even if its just a small portion of said armor.


it lets to lunch from different sides , it also depends how big of a circle they are talking about

They could literally fix this issue by just making warhead dependent overpressure for HEAT warheads instead of capping them all at 20mm, or just increasing post pen damage. This is outright idiotic on their part considering this is what a Mav impact looks like irl:

Its a known bug/idiotic “balancing” decision on their part, more likely because Russia doesn’t use long range HEAT weapons from jets and relies on HE warheads. Ironically, the US and allies still haven’t received HE variant AGM-65’s either, allegedly for “balancing decisions” as well.

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well 65E is in the files

Only took them 2 years to add it to the files. That doesn’t even mean its coming yet either lmao

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Don’t forget that they have refused to up the penetration to 1400mm or so due to not knowing what the liner is made of (apparently it’s made of aluminum see PDF page #5).

AGM-65Charge diameters


The overpressure range on AGM65 is too short, compared with Zuni, this issue became worse, because the Zuni will easily cause overpressure on any MBTs

Exactly, Zuni, Vihr and other similar HEAT missiles overpressure much more frequently than mavericks The Vihr has x9.92 less explosive filler yet it behaves almost the same when it comes to overpressure

So adding disspressioin without fixing the damage output will be an absolute killer

You are kidding me, right?


Glorious Russian armor and stronk Russian soldier back at it again catching AGM-65 fragments with their teeth on their way to conquer Kyiv in 3 days


Well never trust mav after seeing this BS GBU always effective killing pantsir

Yeah, it’s a bit depressing at times.
At least they deal with SPAA.

Cant even overpressure a unarmored truck.

Come on gaijin that thing should have halved.

stop complaining…this missile appears to be immune to be damage - you can shoot with ground launched AA missiles and guns and it doesn’t die. As far as I know, it’s one of the only ones that is unkillable.

100% untrue in my experience, ive had countless mavericks shot down by pantirs and even tunguskas…

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nice try…I however have video proof which I already submitted. Try again.

Oh look someone is crying inside of his Op Pantsir because he couldnt counter F-16 in time, despite having all those advantages.
Mavericks or Gbu’s can be destroy by Pantsir missiles or quadruple 30mm guns.

İ destroyed countless Mavericks and gbu’s in my panstir and there are dozens of footage on YouTube where Pantsir players constantly shoots those missiles and gbu’s down.

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Pantsir also tanks Pars-3LR from Tiger chopper. Indefinetly. You can hit them several times, the Pantsir truck won’t die. Also vs. Ground ATGMs and heat shells invulnerable. The damage model of the Pantsir truck is super op and inbalanced.

Needless to say that my own Flarak truck immeadetly dies by overpressure, even when the ATGM hits the ground next to it.

İ believe PARS3 has this problem tho cause i constantly kill them with nords or mavericks or hellfire without issue.

Although that thing needs a revisit for its damage model.