AGM-114 Hellfire - Badly underperforming?

the thing is in war thunder the missile allways follows your sight when fired, even if you havet locked into anything, i feel we should be able to lase off and let the missile go

Yes, I would think the IOG mechanic should allow this on paper, but I want to know if this is true to real life.

If implemented, I think it should offer an interesting dynamic to make the Hellfires a bit more competitive, and would reward players who decide to learn and utilize the lase mechanic. You already cannot fire missiles into smoke or trees with Hellfires so I feel like this wouldn’t be unfair compared to direct LOS missiles like the Ataka or Shturm.

there is a video of a dcs player trying to take down an s300 that says axactly this. lasing the target as much as it cant and then defend and hope the hellfire hits the target. if its possible then it cant be beam riding otherwise it would do the same as in wt

You can turn off laser designator in game.

the inertial guidance on hellfires is purposely set to be very inaccurate by gaijin .Its an intentional nerf they should probably revoke now


You have to pretty much hit directly on weakspots to do any substantial damage anyways, I feel like IOG on top down SALH missiles should be buffed to give more utility to missiles like the Hellfire. Plus a chunk of tanks now have LWS so this would be an interesting counterplay for those who decide to pre-emptively pop smoke since the missile should in theory just go to the last known calculated location when you turn off the laser.

this doesnt happen in game. hellfire flyes straight after launch when it should climb


I know, I was about to do another infographic about this. It is actually worse, Hellfire sinks 10-15m in about 200m infront of a helicopter.
This vid it is clearly visible thet the drop is minimal few meters top. It might be just bad guidance programing form Gaijin side, or perfhaps HF does not have initially enough speed to have effective rudders?

“useStartSpeed”: true,
“startSpeed”: 0.0,
“maxSpeed”: 475.0,
“endSpeed”: 0.0,

I stared looking into the game files and there is interesting parameter “startSpeed” which is usually 30-70 with other ATGS which probably simulates boost phase of the rocket motors.

Hellfire starts with zero speed.I cannot dig any relevant data for the M120E3/TX-675 if it has aboost phase or not.

This is probably result of Gaijin blending Hellfire fire modes into one semifunctional. In LOAL mode Missile should climb to avoid mask, in LOBL it does not climb so hard, but still should not sink.

last bug reports i could fing the tech mod just states hellfire is just like other top down. this needs a very well made bug report to avoid these monotone answers from a tech mod

There isn’t much point. If GJN were planning to fix hellfires they would have done it by now. This is a very deliberate implementation, to the shock of absolutely no one.

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Well they are and they are all performing horribly. For expale Spike has in files impact angle -40deg but I would say that impact angle is almost the same as the Hellfire with the -15deg.

I would say thet the code for those missles is not working properly, because it really feels that the impact angle is determined by position of the launch vehicle not the missile itself as someone pointed out already in this topic.

It would require extensive testing and better tools, then what the test drive can offer, to put togeher some meningful evidence.

You say “Badly underperforming”…
I cannot make a damage to AA. What more can be said


“Play Russia” is unfortunately the only answer in this game.


It’s just TOR’s tracking radar plate. This thing can eat even the maverick.

chinese aegis

I hit a Merkava MK4 with 5 hellfire’s and the only thing it did was turn his tracks yellow.

it may be the M4M with Trophy system

No all 5 connected. He got minor damage and you could see the impact points where the hellfire hit. It just did no damage. Ive had the same issue on the leos, but there are two weak points that guarantee that it pops with one hit. tried multiple locations on the merkava in that match with nothing doing any damage. In the testing area most if not all my hits should have got a kill.

How about damage?

Or maybe is the QN506 a broken and overpower vehicle?

P.S. It shot me two FNF but I knew how to dodge them thanks to @simbadumba

This is war thunder, shit happens