AGM-114 Hellfire - Badly underperforming?

HEAT based ATGMs are hardcapped to either 20 or 30mm of Overpressure penetration depending on if they are tandem or not.

For closed-up vehicles, this happens when explosion effect manages to penetrate the armour of the vehicle:

For HE, overpressure damage is calculated when a shell fragment from an explosion hits something inside of the vehicle, proving that explosion got inside of it. This leads to high-yield explosives nearly always taking out a vehicle in a single hit, due to the shockwave being able to move around frontal armour and to hit the entirety of the crew that way.

HEAT and HESH shells and ATGM can also create overpressure damage but are less effective at it compared to HE ammunition and seem to only affect vehicles when very thin parts of the hull or their critical weak spots are hit directly, with overall armour thickness of hit surface having to be below 15 mm RHA, since their explosive power is directed towards creating special effects (molten jet for HEAT and scabbing for HESH) instead of producing shockwaves. There are exceptions in HEAT ammunition, which can deal overpressure damage through 20 mm (select few powerful HEAT ATGM) or 30 mm RHA (most tandem missiles). Tanks with reasonable amount of armour will not take overpressure damage from HEAT, even if special effect penetrates them easily.

"This mechanic affects vehicles with thin armour negatively, but, unlike with the hullbreak, any tank is potentially vulnerable to overpressure damage. As a result, it makes not only light, but also heavy tanks easier to destroy by using bombs, rockets, big HE shells or artillery strikes. To utilize the mechanic effectively, be sure to aim for a weak spots on the armour, such as roofs, vents, bellies, tank rear and overtrack sponsons, to maximize the chance of a successful penetration.

So by that description, the Hellfire should definitely be over pressuring the turret as it’s hitting 20mm of armor with a Tandem warhead.

So my report got closed as duplicate of this one: // Issues made by @YaBoyCoconut
Good new is that his report was acknowledged, so hopefully one day we might get a fix.

Just bringing this up cuz I didnt notice anyone bring it up yet, but the loft code for the AGM-114 in-game borderline prevents it from properly lofting since;

  1. Its loft angle is pretty bad at 9.6 deg (literally less than half that of some comparable missiles)
  2. Its target elevation angle is miniscule at -15 deg, which is give or take the angle it will try to strike a target at from my understanding of the current in-game loft mechanics


AGM-65A/B/D, PARS 3, Spike ER:

Which is, to my understanding, why the PARS 3 and Spike ER tend to fall on targets while the AGM-114 tend to fall BEFORE the target and waste all their energy trying not to hit the ground before striking the target nearly directly


The basic Hellfire-L isn’t in the game, and you expect they will add a more advanced missile that hasn’t even entered production lmao

Yes it was acknowledged, and its been like that for a while. I can only assume nothing is going to change.

Just glad Interfleet got there before KotA or that other one, they like to just close things and tell you it’s working as intended.

At least with this one, I can make a note to check back in 2024 for patch notes regarding AGM-114s