AGM-114 Hellfire - Badly underperforming?

Bug report it

Posts like this dont get actioned, the devs basically dont ever look at the forums.

So write this up with as much detail and as many sources as you can and submit a bug report.

I’d then DM a tech mod

and ask them to check it over and get them to submit it.

This would be a very much needed buff

It was, 9 Months ago

Ah… In that case, devs wont fix it then. By the time bug reports get past about 6 months, I loose hope of them ever getting fixed. Seen CR2 bug reports that are 2 years old still unactioned

Probably be worth tagging or DMing a tech mod. Is probably not going to go through but worth a shot. Might be extra info that can get merged with the other ones.

Good luck and great work

So… France and italy getting spikes… Maybe its time for Longbow? or something similar?

There’s nothing similar, it’s Longbow or bust. But I am guessing that we won’t see them this patch, either way with the upcoming ARH update in december, there might be a chance.

Hellfire not reaching target from tree-top, while within guaranteed firing range.

That above is the trajectory as it appears in the game.
However, if you want to replicate the trajectory depicted in most sources, you can manually induce loft in your hellfire by turning off its laser while in climbing phase, and turning it back on when it is at an acceptable height to reach the target.

Under the same conditions as the first test, but this time with manual lofting, my hellfire has reached the target. Better yet, if it werent for the missile exploding after 8km, it would have reached even farther. Below are my tests with manual lofting

This is more than enough proof that the missile itself is fine, but its being held down by how its coded in the game.


The easiest thing to do would be to straight up implement the IIR AGM-65 variants on the AH-1Z / AH-64.

There is the potential hope that they eventually backport the BGM-176C’s IIR / SALH seeker to the AGM-176 airframe.

or we get the JAGM (AGM-179) with a dual mode MMW/SALH seeker for the AH-1Z, AH-6, OH-58, MH-60, F/A-18, F-35 or AH-64E for the US / UK.

Or at very least add the JCM (AGM-169) which used a tri-modal seeker (SALH / IIR / MMW) and had GPS/INS support.

So there are options just, none with a great chance of actually being implemented any time soon.

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Honestly with the current amount of damage an AGM-65 does I’d rather stick to Hellfires.

I mean yeah, that’s the problem. AGM-114L shouldn’t be that complicated to implement, essentially they should work like an AS.34.

Realistically speaking, Gaijin wont ever add these, nor will they add longbows for a Looooooooooooooong while. I wont even bother with different hellfire variants like the R, K2A, or others, since thoes will likely NOT come either.

Won’t be for a heli, but also hoping for Brimstone in the near future that I imagine gaijin will model similarly

You are shooting stationary targets, unfortunately targets tends to move quite a lot. I recommend to test it in battle.

Seriously ? You post the picture of the missile flying parallelwith the surfice so the impact angle would be close to zero like here:

And here how it looks like IRL:

Do you Really feel that the everything is OK ?

I would have made a report on 114 a long time ago, the problem is the sources. To correct iog, sources, to correct flight trajectory, sources.

what… are you going on about, ive shown tests which clearly show that gaijin has a flawed view of the hellfire, what exactly do you find wrong? In the photo where the missile is parallel , and very close to the ground, the hellfire didnt make it to target.
And as if it isnt clear enough, if you try to do this with a moving target at that range, unless you manually loft, it wont hit

(In russian) It has been reported an acknowledged. 9 months ago.

Nice. Too bad it was 9 months ago. After 4 months you can lose most hope that things will change. And the fact it is report in russian is…

The L is an ARH variant right ?

to be fair i was kind of opposed to this variant’s introduction, seing how UHT was a bit of an exception with drawbacks to compensate for the pars 3 (namely the absence of chin gun, pars3 being somewhat unreliable, and tiger uht being able to only carry 8 of them)

now that the spike is being added on the french tiger and italian one however, that would be justified imo.

after 4 months? After 2 weeks without an update you can drop all hope, that post aint seeing the light of day every again, nor is any other post regarding hellfires

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I read a source stating how the target reacquisition works. Basically since the seeker is on a gimble, it is always looking at the laser even when it’s in a climb, if that laser is lost, it’ll head to the direction the seeker is pointed at.

I’ll try to find it again

I rage quit after dropping 2x Hellfire II on top of EACH crew compartment on 2 different Leo2A6 turrets only to have it do breach damage and set them on fire.

How does 20lbs of TNT Equivalent not overpressure the hell out of the crew on the other side of the 20mm of armor? It’s a rocket powered MASSIVE HEAT warhead…