AGM-114 Hellfire - Badly underperforming?

I think you misunderstood me. A top attack ATGM would indeed fly the lofted trajectory in game, but the damage itself would be calculated as if the angle of attack is much shallower.

Why would the damage would be calculated from different angle then the impact angle?

I believe it technically does have inertial guidance but gaijin purposely made it uselessly inaccurate to the point where it might as well not have it. But then gaijin gives r27s perfect inertial guidance lol

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What nation doesn’t use top attack ATGMs IRL?

Russia is probably sticking most to beam riding direct attack ATGMs.

I see where are you heading, but for example Pars LR has quite steep attack angle already so i don’t think it entirely intentional.

You mean Pars LR in game actually strikes the top in the damage model?

Yes. Even hellfire do that if fired to close enough target or with big enough elevation advantage.

Well of course, as I said the calculated impact angle is the angular difference between the launching platform and the target. So if you launch hellfires from directly above the target, it’ll hit the roof.

You can test impact angles with the Freccia for example, with its Spike ER. Take it for a test drive, launch at the most distant targets as the strike angle should be steepest, and see how it strikes the front of their barrel.

+1 Needs fixing, it’s anything but surprising that they’ve botched the implementation

It isn’t 5500. “Understand five thousand one hundred range”

Or whoever was modelling it was going by the values stated in US Army field manuals, such as (for example) FM 1-140 Helicopter Gunnery (said document is unclassified and unlimited distribution btw), where it states 37 seconds to max range at 21°C ambient air temp:

Honestly, idk why gaijin hasnt just added AGM-114L but just modelled it as a mix of either SALH or like a SARH using the longbow radar…

It would give the US a quasi F&F capability and enhance the AH-64D’s survivability, but itd still need to keep its radar in LOS of target and couldnt guide as many missiles at once.

We all know gaijin just doesnt care about realism so this would be a decent compromise I think


Could be, point is that in some firem modes hellfires are quite a bit faster to the target.

I’m familiar with that manual, 37s TOF would be OK if the missile would fly along apropriate trajectory (HI) and climb to corresponding altitude (according to that manual) and remian controlable. It fails to do so in every aspect.
So no whoever did the modeling either ignored half of this manual and other sources or just did not follow it at all.

Or they can just add the Romeo Hellfire.

I have made this bug report, so if you agree that the Hellfire autopilot trajectory needs correction, which should lead to improved performance, please support the report: AGM-114 Hellfire incorrect trajectory

Thanks a lot!
I believe this is quite important since there is a quite list of helicopters where the Hellfire is primary weapon system:

  • AH-64 ten vehicles of various versions in game
  • AH-6
  • OH-58 twice
  • G-Lynx
  • A129
  • EC-655

Make the Hellfire finally Great ! :D


The hellfire k iog also works wrong. It should guide the missile to the last known laser location, but instead, when the laser is turned off, it stops whatever it was doing and starts flying in the straight line or falls down the sky, depending how close it was to the last known laser point.


I hope your report gets through, I got tagged as a duplicate of some 3 year old Russian report for a similar thing.


I made this infographic to better ilustrate the issue:


Here’s a (really bad) diagram of the hellfire B’s LOAL in-game

Lock On After Launch has been bugged for a while now, which is one of the headline features of the hellfire. Instead of following towards the target’s last known position using IOG, it instead holds its current angle of attack at the moment of laser loss. As far as I know, it should instead continue on its ballistic trajectory until it either re-locks a target or impacts the ground.


Yes, that is annoying me so much!!!

I would be happy with the working LOBL for a start :)

With the Spike missiles coming to the top French and Italian helicopters in the upcoming patch, maybe we can finally see an improvement or fixes for the Hellfires?

Even if it had proper LOAL /IOG it would be a great buff for it to give it some sort of unique advantage over the current missiles ingame… I’m not sure if the Longbow Hellfires can be added currently due to ignoring smoke (no F&F A2G missiles ingame is capable of doing this at the moment) but at least this might be some sort of compromise to further improve the current Hellfires

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