After 8 years I came back to try War Thunder....My thoughts

A group of us left War Thunder 8-9 years ago. Reasons? Increasing cheating. Reduced Map Sizes. Lack of realistic rural maps. Too many urban maps. Reduced economy. Unfriendly players. In my old age have decided to try War Thunder again. It’s good for my eye hand coordination, which is failing in my old age. This time I have a newer computer, and better 1080ti graphics. Most of the original problems that caused us to leave War Thunder still exist. So be it. I do love the newer improved graphics. War Thunder has become very pleasing eye candy. Special effects are much improved. I run War Thunder on full Maximum Graphics. The downside? I can not spot tanks very well. I am lucky to get 1-2 kills. I am usually at the bottom 20% . If I am somewhere between the10-12 position at the end of the Battle. I am happy with that. I will not lower my graphics. I will not cheat myself. I want to enjoy War Thunder in it’s fullest. If you are angry at me, for a being a poor player, and because I have been placed on your team. Hurting your stats. Then you know where you can drive your tank…


WELCOME BACK! The game feels the best when your having fun, so don’t worry about hurting other players stats. :)


Thing is, some of those who are hooked up on thier stats get abusive at the team for not doing what they wanted or pulling the win when they ‘carried’ the team so much.


Yeah, I understand what you’re saying, but anyone that invested in states in a videogame is crazy I my opinion. Like I don’t think it’s that serious.

I wholeheartedly back up your thoughts on this, Im kinda in the same boat. Usually place 10-16 in my battles, still trying to learn spotting properly.
Fun is the main thing, so just keep on doing your thing…I know I will :)


That’s the best kind of attitude towards this game. The moment it becomes a chore or you only think about the grind is when it gets annoying or “Bad” as some people will say

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I can show you how serious it is by the ammount of times I was statchecked and called a detriment to my teams on this forum…

The fact that ingame people moan about the game, make out things are insurmountable and selectively bail on maps they don’t like shows the issue constantly.

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Dang, I’m sorry about that. No-one should have to be verbally abused bc there stats got messed up. I’ve only be cussed at our TK’ed a few times, so I can’t say I’ve been hit that hard by these try hards.

lol, the occasional accidental TK is acceptable, and often if you merely say sorry people are good with it.

I usually PM anyone I TK after match with offers to squad up for a couple of matches to make it up to them more.

I don’t go out of my way to TK people, but I have a few times on accident like if I’m using PE-8 or trying to help ally that is in close proximity of person I’m bombing.

It’s also nice to see that some people try to make it up to people. The game, and world in general, needs more forgiveness. :)


PE8 is special, as are anything that big. If they get more than they TK they shouldn’t be insta-booted, and it should be up to the sorry/forgive system to actually allow that redemption ;)

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A few other things I am doing.

  1. I turned off all Chat.

  2. When I played War Thunder years ago I played a lot. I own many Tanks. However, I only play my upper level tanks. Why? Because I get better and larger maps in the upper Tiers. Also, the game play seems to move at a slower pace for me verses using the lower tiers.

  3. When growing up, most my friends and people I hung around with were WWII Veterans. For them War Thunder was about the tanks. War Thunder was a Tank Game. Not a first shooter pac man game using something that resembled a tank. In the beginning spraying your team mates was not allowed. You died for it. There seemed to me more honor and respect in the game. If you hit a big rock or tree while driving your tank, you were unconscious for 30 seconds.

  4. Also, far more people would be playing the Simulator Mode. As more and more “Paper Tanks” and captured tanks came into the game, people began to lose interest in Sim Mode. Too bad. It was much fun.


Wow. If I may, can I ask how old you are? Seeing as you grew up around WW2 vets I’m just curious. Also are you a vet yourself? Bc if you thank you for your service!

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I am in my mid 70’s. My friends and people I hung out with were 20-25 years older than I was. Even many of my old buddies my own age are gone. But, I still have my own teeth, and don’t need one of those little Blue Pills !!!


Oh okay. It’s so cool that even in your 70’s you still find enjoyment in videogames. Gives me hope for my future.


I’ll be 67 this week, and I play Air Arcade mostly . . . I prefer the faster pace and constant action . . . I figure, at my age . . I don’t have time to wait around for something to happen when I can just make it happen . . .
To each their own . . . . enjoy your time here, welcome back and yeah . . . it is about finding what is fun for YOU, and do that . . . . ☻


Maps are larger than 8 years prior.
Realistic rural and urban maps exist. ~22 urban maps to 22 rural maps, about equal.
Economy is the strongest its ever been.

I accept you for you.



So what’s wrong with urban maps?

I am talking about War Thunder Maps and game play from 2013-2016. Also, why do so many of the maps have a colored boarder on their sides and you are no longer allowed to cross? You have 25 seconds to leave the area that was once open? I noticed since I have come back to War Thunder there are many closed off areas. Areas where you once could go to. Even inside the maps like the urban maps, some areas in the cities are totally block off from access that were once accessible!

Early War Thunder was much more realistic. Back then it was about the Tanks. Only tanks that had once fought in combat were allowed in the beginning. In the old maps there was room to maneuver. A person could work out a strategy.

Also, there were more trees on some of the maps. It was fun hunting each other in the thick forest.

The new developers have no concept of WWII or Korea Tank Warfare. What a Tank can do, or not do.

Also, the elevations of some of the maps are totally out of scale.

I miss the old War Thunder…