After 10 years of air RB, im shocked at its current state

Top tier air RB is honestly a complete joke, from 9.0 upwards, it doesent matter if the missiles are amazing or poor, the gameplay is laughably bad. Dogfights are impossible, BVR fights are impossible because my RWR and radar is cluttered with 20+ signals constantly, and its impossible to zone in on the enemy that is targeting me. There is no strategy to this gameplay, very little skill, and it needs to change.

We need at least 8v8 in air rb, EC would be nice, spread out objectives would be nice, but if you want to make air RB much more skill oriented and enjoyable, player counts need to be halved AT LEAST.

This would make matching faster and allow for more BR decompression. by reducing player counts to 8v8 you could fix 2 of the main issues with air RB or at least drastically improve them. This should be an obvious fix.

This game just isnt enjoyable anymore. since 16v16 was added, my interest for this game has nosedived. My favourite plane was literally just added, I thought I would be super exited for this but after playing a few games I just dont care, I have 0 interest to play anymore.


they have been making the game mode more unplayable every update , notice how the targets on the maps changed from having light pillboxes that you could earn something from , to now just all of them being AAA or worthless howitzers
it is being made to weed out any other type of gameplay beside fighters spamming missiles in a furball if that makes sense


the magic word, more skill = less playerbase = less premiums

agree the 9.3 is unplayable it need decompression, its not normal that early cold war planes like MiG-17 plays with F4C phantom the korean war subsonic plane vs supersonic vietnam war one

Sorry Archer … fight MiG-17 vs. F-4 is true reality…



It’s like this in the game, or at least it’s true for most fights… if you have a weaker fighter, you can only play as a fighter-bomber and wait for the mistake of the player with a stronger plane…

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Gaijin dont care because the only players bringing in money dont know any better, are getting younger and younger. I swear i seen an 9yr old in a 9.7br jet match with a hurricane shooting up his own team with rockets on the runway just yesturday, probable in a squad with his older brother


This game isn’t about playing with historic asymmetry, unless you’re also willing to bear the rain of Me 262s on your B-17s and P-51s?

Years ago, there was this event, P-51s protecting B-17s, against a group of Me 262s…
The Me 262s won the majority of battles, quite understandably, a properly controlled Me-262 was truly unbeatable…

But there’s a lot in the game,
yesterday I flew a Lancaster from 1942 and against me an F-82 Twin Mustang from the post-war period…
That’s how it is in this game…
As I say, you have a weaker plane, so you can stay on the ground hunt ground AI units, or fly in a group and bait…

I have fun in the 16v16’s but i fly a F-14B instead of some of the meta fighters that have to get close and personal…

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Looks like Gaijin is fine with 9.3 flareless planes going against 30G all-aspect missiles.

Wow noone are saying about F-4S and saw it literally unplayable Vs Su-27 and etc? I have and I am experiencing dramatical state of 11.3 truck fighting with constant radar problems to lock enemies*, sparrows that can’t track and make “weeeeee” in the ground or into the air still while locked on target and enemies that can just circle around you while asking which rocket you choose for your death. Thank god I didn’t pay full 70$ and catched it on sale. It’s like comparing a 18 wheeled semi to a race car that have many countermeasures to counter your Sparrows. Even tried to bomb bases but with only base focus, I can’t barely flew over half of the map and not being taken down by R-60 or R-26.

  • I ve played many games with it and found problems to lock on enemies with PD that fly straight at me. I use helmet lock feature and it’s just sometimes impossible. I try to lock for 10 seconds and see RU rocket just fly straight at me without even bothering to lock on chaff or flares and avoid me

Well, the F-15s, Saabs and SUs are absolutelly dominating, nothing you can do against them in 11.3 plane. F-15s quite commonly 5-6 kills per game, in top tier air RB!!! BR on top tier is completely broken.

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