"Aerial Combat" End of Summer update idea

U.S. Air Force moving two B-2 stealth strategic bombers closer to China ...Russia's Su-57 Stealth Fighter: Now Fighting in Ukraine? - 19FortyFive

New ideas
• Maybe new Battle Rading such as IX (9) 13.0/13.3/13.5/13.7/13.8

  • F-22A Raptor

  • Su-57 Radar

  • F-35 A/B/C Lighting ii

  • F-15E Strike Eagle

  • Su-35 Flanker E/M

  • C-130J Hercules

  • F/A-18s A/C

  • B-2 Spirit

Too OP for A2A combat


I won’t think that would happen main reason is the F-35 and Hercules this early.

the next pairing would props be the F/A-18 and the Su-30 as then they can tackle 8 out of the 10 nations we have

Considering how good the current balance is, I think that’s a really good idea!!!111111!!!

Too many meta plane for 1 update, snail ain’t liking this, how else would they sell rank 8 prem


wait untill like next year and this might be a thing but now is way too early

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Seems a little too soon for these aircraft to be added sadly. I hope they are one day, but def not at the end of the summer :(

Me when i’m too beautiful to be destroyed (several R-73 are coming onto me and my only defenses are CMs and tossing some Humvees out of the cargo bay) : 😎

B-2 Spirit

Me when i can’t defense myself but i’m only visible to the human eye,no missile can lock onto me and i can end every battle just by pressing 3 buttons (if the repair cost is somewhat historical,getting hit will result in bankruptcy): 😎


Lmao, had a good laugh at that XD

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I mean,it would be hella cool to use a dropped Humvee as a sort of boulder to kill any aircraft that dares to stay on your rear

Obviously there’s a medal (called maybe "Same-day delivery"that awards you a very conspicuous amount of SL) and an achievement for doing that (called maybe “Insurance will cover it”)

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Lmao, I love the medal names XD

When I read the part about HUMVEES I thought you meant using them as counter measures XD

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Don’t give them ideas!.This has quite literally been the trend for the past couple yeare- broken compressed powercreep because cool

Well,if someone inside the cargo bay is brave enough to turn on the Humvees before dropping them,their heat signature COULD be used as a big reinforced flare,and their big ahh RCS could fool every SARH/ARH missile ever created.

But let’s be honest, throwing them like bricks at almost Mach speed onto clueless aircrafts sound ∞ funnier

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I’d at least say F-35A and Su-30?

Who are you responding to?


Oh lol okay. I doubt either of those will be added either by the end of summer. I’d hope we get F-18 and more advanced F-15 before F-35. As for the SU-30 I’d say more advanced mig-29 or something. But who knows

they could add the F18 idk they haven’t its not the fastest vehicle



That’s why ^^