"Aerial Combat" End of Summer update idea

Are you actually autistic IRL or just on the forums?

F-18As could be added any day. F-18Cs I see likely coming as “heavy” AMRAAM carriers later this year. Probably September/October

Gen 5 aircraft like the F-22, F-35, Su-57, J-20, etc are unlikely to ever be added to the game with inherrent balancing issues associated with them. The closest to them I could see being added is the F-117

Hercules serves no meaningful purpose in war thunder other than maybe an AI target

B-2 Spirit falls within the same category of other strategic bombers like the Vulcan and B-52. it would be cool to have, but questionable how good they’d actually be.

F-15E/Su-35s will probably be added sometime next year. F-15Cs I see quite likely sometime this year and later variants of the Su-27 for USSR to accompany it.

Aircraft not on your list that I expect to see this year though is Typhoon and Rafale.

That is an insanely optimistic view of War Thunder. However you fail to consider that the cash must flow.

Perhaps. Perhaps not. There is a lot they wont add to War thunder, even stuff perfectly appropriate for the current vehicles, heck even older vehicles due to balance concerns.

They may come. To be honest we’d need an April fools event or the addition of something like the F-117 to see what stealth would be like first. But in any case. Thats years down the line. We dont even have aircraft like the Typhoon in game yet.

The F-117 practically have no a2a capabilities lol, adding it into the game would probly not be very ideal unless as a rank 7 or 8 bomber, not like we alr have a bunch of them alr.

Putting the cart before the horse a bit there aren’t you?

It’s that lack of A2A power that makes me think it’s a good way to test stealth. It doesn’t impact the balance in air, but allows both the Devs and community to test what radar stealth does, how it impacts gameplay. Something like the F-117 being able to evade radars is interesting. Now markers delete that advantage but both GRB and ASB it could be very effective

(And there are plenty of aircraft with no A2A ability in game currently. Like the Buc S1 with no weapons at all)

There’s a possibility that 5th generation fighter would be rank X (10) and battle rating such as 14.0, 14.3 & 14.7

F/A-18A basic, F/A-18C (1995) and F-15E (1990) could be rank VIII

I don’t think perhaps not is even really a consideration for Gaijin. Its more of a “how much will we make vs how much will we spend.” Its why they skipped half of the Century Series to instead add the F-4 and MiG-21. Its why they added the F-14 way before it should’ve been.
Subtrees have gone from almost completely unique and interesting vehicles in South Africa to… well the investment/return for Hungary was probably a lot better than South Africa.

We’re going to get the F/A-18C and the F-15C and the F-2 and the Typhoon and the Rafale and the Su-30 by the first patch of next year because they’ll make a hell of a lot more money for Gaijin than the F-106 or Su-15. And subsequently the F-22 and Su-57 would make significantly more money from people than the F-101 or Yak-25.

I think its inevitable, probably a good 2 or 3 years off still, but it will happen. And then Gaijin will weep, for there are no more planes to add.

Unfortunately true. Even aircraft we have in game currently like the tornado are barely finished, yet the F16 got the voice thing

Rapid Dragon AIM-120

I think the biggest issue here is that we are missing NGAD and the MiG-41.

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And MiG 1.44, my beloved