Addittion of APKWS rockets to aircraft

The APKWS rockets of BAE system (AGR-20A and AGR-20B) are present in the game on various helicopters (AH-64, AH-1, MH-60, AH-6 and OH-58), however they are also available on many types of aircraft some of which are already in game.

I plan to make a bug report concerning the forgetting of this carry, however I am looking for as many sources as possible to be able to support my point

The vehicles that can receive these rockets in game would be the F-16C, the AV-8B+ (American version) and the Tiger eurocopter (not sure)

A topic had already been created by @ pyroraptor841 in order to talk about the absence of these rockets on the F-16C
New F-16C lacks APKWS - Game Discussion / General Discussion - War Thunder — official forum

A bug report has already been created for the absence of these rockets on the Tiger
APKWS rockets missing from Tiger HAD Block 2 // // Issues

For the moment I rely mainly on these sources for the report

The official BAE system website also indicates the possibility of loading these rockets on the vehicles mentioned earlier.




F-16 Downs a Cruise Missile with APKWS (
F-16 - (APKWS-II) Laser-Guided Rockets Fire (
First: Harrier Pilot Fires APKWS in Indo-Asia-Pacific Region (

If you have sources to send, do not hesitate, it will better support the bug report


I wonder what British aircraft could get them

If we refer to the list on the BAE system site, the only vehicle that the English currently have that can take them would be the AH-64, however the English version is too old and you never received them (to my knowledge)

YeH, it’s interesting we never used it, considering we made it. Unless it’s because we use something like Brimstone instead

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I don’t know, the Brimstone still has a very different use from the APKWS

They would have to come with better warheads, current APKWS is basically useless, except when dealing with SPAA. The new addition of CCIP assist will have an impact on how good it is on helis. I would love APKWS on planes , i just imagine firing 20 of them at the enemy, and watching pure panic as 20 missile diamonds appear on their screen .


Theoretically the A-10C could carry nearly 90 (if we keep the same quantities as for normal rockets), that would make a hell of a lot of missiles

Those that we have in play are fired from helicopters at low speeds, coming from an airplane the rocket would have a trajectory allowing it to be very fast and to really hit the top of the tanks which would do a lot more damage

If we get the M247 armed APKWS sure, but the two standard versions we have now are useless in 99% of situations.

AV-8B missing weapon // // Issues

I cover a little bit more here:

But yes, the only 2 US air tree aircraft currently capable of using (and guiding) APKWS are the AV-8B+ and F-16C.

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