US Aircraft Should Not Still Be Using FFAR Mighty Mouse (Hydra-70 Replacement)

Hey all, this is going to cover the Mk-4 FFAR Mighty Mouse rockets of late world war 2/early cold war, and the modern version the Hydra-70.

In-game we have both rockets, they’re both 2.75 inch unguided, folding-fin rockets. They’re also launcher compatible I believe.

Originally intended for the Anti-Bomber role, the FFAR Mighty Mouse was very rapidly superseded by early missiles, and heavier rockets such as the AIM-4 Falcon, AIM-9 Sidewinder, and AIR-2 Genie. In-game, this rocket is almost exclusively available in its air-to-ground configuration, and is available from late props onward.

Of course, this missile from the very early cold war would be developed. This resulted in the Hydra-70 rocket.


FFAR Mighty Mouse


The primary difference between the rockets is the updated Mk. 66 rocket motor, which as you can see above uses wrap-around fins as opposed to the fold-back fins. This is more space-efficient as thus allows for a substantial thrust improvement.

Many of the launchers and weapon systems in the US tree using the old FFAR mighty mouse rockets are using launchers specifically referred to as “Mk-66 Compatible Launchers”

So, the purpose of this thread boils down to this: Why is modern US military equipment in-game still using the outdated FFAR Mighty mouse rocket when the nearly identical, but far more historically accurate, Hydra-70 rocket exists?


Additionally, here’s a whole bunch of evidence of different systems using the improved rockets

AH-1F and AH-64

LAU-61/68, LAU-131, M260/M261 Mk66 Compatibility evidence

AV-8B Compatibility (And APKWS!)


Basic Logic

Anything with APKWS can fire Hydra-70s, as Hydra-70 is the base rocket APKWS is upgrading

AH-1W Super Cobra (And APKWS)

(Marine helicopters deploy with laser-guided rocket | NAVAIR - U.S. Navy Naval Air Systems Command - Navy and Marine Corps Aviation Research, Development, Acquisition, Test and Evaluation)

AH-6M, AV-8B, A-10, F-16 (And APKWS)

You get the point. The Mk40 FFAR Mighty Mouse rocket is ahistorical on several vehicles in the game. It should be updated to reflect reality.