Additional spawning in taking a long time to load in

So I don’t know if it’s just my experience or if it’s supposed to be like this. I’m on Ps4. But on Ground RB, ground vehicles, after my first death and I’m re-spawning in with my second or third vehicle, it’s been taking a long time to load in. Around 10-15 seconds.

It feels like it’s taking forever to load in while my teammates are battling and my screen is just sitting there trying to load in. Sometimes there’s a little countdown clock of like 6 seconds on the bottom right etc but very rarely, it usually is just taking a while to load in. Almost like it’s stuck because I can often tap X really fast and it’s like it kicks it into gear and loads, almost like knocking on your old TV or monitor to get it to act right. This is crazy. Why is it freezing like this trying to load if the battle has already been loaded, and I’ve already been playing? I’m just trying to get my 2nd or 3rd vehicle into battle.

Anyone else having this issue or has it just been a part of the process for you for a long time? I mean it’s been happening to me for a long time I’m just now really getting tired of it and voicing my experience.

I’d say it’s been happening as long as I can remember at least over a year probably more. I think it’s worse lately though. Has had nothing to do with updates, it’s just always been happening. It’s not my internet for sure. I will say lately the Gaijin server has been having issues with stuttering and some lag, and of course the other day it was completely down. But I don’t think it’s a server issue because I can have perfectly fine battles after starting, and then this happens while trying to load in my second or third spawn.

Is it just normal? Like at the start of the battles it kind of glitches while trying to load the battle and teams? Is this happening on computers with you all, or could it be a console thing? It’s really frustrating seeing teammates get killed and I’m sitting there waiting what feels like a long time to load in.

Might just be PS4’s storage being slower than others.
A lot of PC players, myself included, are using SSDs, especially NVME; and War Thunder seems to at least acknowledge SATA SSDs for improved load times over HDDs.

I’ve heard many PS4 friends bring up their issues about loading slower than other players.

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Ok yes this is a possibility. Especially with how good the graphics in War Thunder are getting. I’m really liking the clouds and the way the weather/environment is looking.

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