Additional comments on the post ‘’Reworking naval battles to bring new players‘’

I very much support point 2345 in the post link as Reworking naval battles to bring new players, but based on my current game experience of developing all existing naval battle technology trees, I think I should add some of my own opinions.

First of all, WT was originally marketed as a realistic military game, but as far as the current top-level rooms are concerned, it has no gameplay, and there is no historical verisimilitude either. Can you imagine that in a naval battle game, World War II battleships fired at each other with cannons like Western gunmen at 10 kilometers at the beginning. Whoever hits the other side’s vital point first will win 80% of the time. It is precisely that the weaknesses of some ships are extremely obvious. The cause of these obvious weaknesses is not the problem of the ship designers.

In the eyes of the ship designers, the ships of both sides must first maneuver to a suitable firing position. Both sides try to deliver firepower at their maximum range, so that even if they are hit, in a nip and tuck naval battle, the armor of a ship often needs to meet the number of kilometers over which it can avoid fatal damage when hit by its own ship’s cannon. However, the engagement distance in the game is too close and the resistance of artillery shells in the water is extremely unscientific, causing some ships with weaker protection in the water to be extremely fragile in the game. This is extremely ridiculous.

So my opinion is to combine the previously mentioned posts to restore the historical protection performance and combat distance of the ships, and to increase the number of AI ships and combat events in large quantities, and to increase the available points in each round so that the battle does not end too quickly, so as to attract more Players are invested in it, instead of matching the game for 3 minutes, and then entering the battle and being shot back to the selection screen by the opponent. This can reduce the frustration of naval battle players and increase the stickiness of the game. Please please listen to our opinions, I really like the ship modeling in the client, I don’t want them to be all flimsy vases, thank you GAIJIN!!!

  • Restore the performance of naval gun shells traveling through water.
  • Restore the historical protective performance of the ship, cancel the main armor belt of the explosive reactive armor type, restore the strength of the ship’s compartments, and reduce crew losses caused by explosions.
  • Add more AI ships and combat events to increase the available scores in each round so that each battle does not end too quickly.
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I agree that some time shooting through water was clearly an advantage.
But i cannot say about scientist thing.

The only thing that i would like, its that sailor rooms (compartments) should not kill as many sailor when hitted.
Some are so big that you can lose 50% in only one shell…

I think that maps should be differents for battleships. Battleship gameplay is not as good as it was in the past.
IMO, battleships are only for enduring confrontation