Addition of the Mechanical CCRP SAAB BT-(Model) + Model & Cockpit Update for Couple of aircraft

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Suggestion for the Mechanic CCRP System Installed on the Following planes: B17A,B17B,B18B,T18B,A21A-3,J21RB.
Using the BT-3 Sight with the B17 & Picture of BT-9 Sight in the A21A-3

How the CCRP functions in a attack run:


Function during Dive Bombing
Kast bombning med BT CCRP

Before the attack, the pilot sets the attack type (level or dive), weapon type, estimated air pressure at the target, wind speed and direction, and the aircraft’s estimated gross weight. During the approach, the gyros are levelled, and the system confirms when the gyros are free. The release button is armed. Using the reflex sight, the pilot aligns the aircraft with the target in level flight at a shallow dive angle, typically between 5-30 degrees. The system confirms that the aircraft is within the sight’s operational range. When the release position is achieved, the release button is pressed, initiating a gentle pull-up. The release button is held down until the pull-up is completed. The sight automatically calculates the correct release timing for the bombs.

Function during Rocket Firing
Raket skytte med BT CCRP
J21RB Shooting rockets Guided by a SAAB BT-9
J21R Firing rockets

Rocket firing is conducted during a dive towards the target. The pilot only needs to stay roughly within the prescribed firing range for each type of rocket. The sight automatically accounts for the aircraft’s speed and dive angle.

SAAB B17A (CCRP: SAAB BT-2 for Bombs.)

Saab B17 SAAB b-3

B18B & T18B (All) (CCRP: SAAB BT-3 For bombs & Rockets.)


B18B & T18B Avionics
B18B Pilot positionB18B Inside

A21A - 3 & A21RB (CCRP: SAAB BT-9 for Bombs & Rockets)


J21 Flygmanual

Translation: “Automatiskt reflexsikte”

"The aircraft (Fpl) is equipped with an automatic reflex sight, which can be used for either anti-aircraft shooting or missile shooting through a switch AKAN-RAKET. A more detailed description is provided in Annex 2.

J21 Flygmanual 6

BT-9 Gunsights

Full translation:



The automatic reflex sight of type K-14 consists of the following units:

reflex sight

control box

AKAN-rocket switch (only in 21A-3)

radio interference protection

voltage regulator

Figure 1. Reflex sight K-14 with accessories

The reflex sight is located in front of the pilot and has two optical systems that provide a fixed and a movable sight picture. The control box, located to the right of the pilot, is used to adjust the brightness of the sight pictures and to select the desired sight picture(s). When using the BT9 bomb sight, only the fixed sight picture is used, and the control box’s adjustment knob is set to FIXED. In the FIXED & GYRO position, both sight pictures are visible, and in the GYRO position, only the movable sight picture is displayed."



All sources from the official Arboga Elektronikhistoriska Förening
AEF Website
BT-9C BT-9 BT-3 BT-2 Bombsikte Saab
J21R A21R SAAB 21R N2
SAAB 17, B17 och, S17BL och S17BS Notis 2
B18, B18A, B18B, T18B, S18A, SAAB18
Reflexsikten Gyrosikten Gyroreflexsikten
J21 J21A A21A Notis 2

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That’s really cool! I had no idea such things were possible back then! Since it is historical, I see no reason not to add it. +1

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