Adding random failures to weapon system and aircraft

hello i have an idea to add a general system failure for air simulator only

and these ideas are listed as below\

1.Random Radar Failure to the jet aircraft and is required repair at the airfield
2.Random Air to Air Missiles jam on launch or failing to get off the rail
3.Air To Air Missiles explosive system sensors fails from random times for example when there was historically an AIM-9B stuck on the MiG’s Turbine system and failing to blow up
4.Random Engine Failure happen for example on the F-14A tomcat
5.compressor Stall on some aircraft during aggressive manuvers like on the Viggen Series of aircraft


Last thing we need is rng failures. This isnt a 1:1 irl sim. I dont even think dcs has that because it would ruin gameplay.


i mean real life combat pilots experinced a lot of these issues regarding weapon system and aircraft system

and it’s not called simulator battles for no reason right ?

It is sim compared to the game. There are plenty of games that allow for much more realistic air combat than war thunder. War thunder is more of the middle ground. Not a full on arcade game but not a straight up flight sim.

No it’s already ingame no more failure to add it’s called bugs & weak servers.


Exactly. My missiles fail to work as intended often enough already.

The question is: Is it fun?
I think it would just be annoying when your plane breaks down without no reason.

WT is a fast paced combat game, but not really a sim. 80% of the aircraft systems aren´t even modeled, so no need for random failures of these imo.

Please for the love of god no. We have a big enough issue with RNG like T-80 ammo detonating. Im just imagining some nations getting more duds than others.

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Make a poll and i’ll give you my answer

should bugs also be inserted?

so my plane breaks in the air without my fault and I should also still pay SL for it?

Yea - or for Gaijoob “reasons.” I mean, some people already wonder if ‘RNG’ isn’t sometimes help/hinderance from Gaijoobles, based on hidden player skill/level/performance comparisons. Last thing we need is (suspicions of) Gaijin slipping in a little failure here or there at a crucial moment just to ‘even it up.’

Besides which, even in WW2 most aircraft were pretty reliable. Failures (especially significant ones) would be rare, so why waste effort writing code for something that wouldn’t crop up very often (and would just annoy players when it did…… not that Gaijin mind doing that).

Also think of early Sparrows and their failure rates in Vietnam. Imagine if an F4 had to fire 2 sparrows everytime with the assumption one failed. It would be highly frustrated and to a certain degree. Have a massive impact on balance. But id definetly be concerned that certain nations would have higher reliability rates than others

yes because war thunder isn’t frustrating enough
how the fuck do people in this community play this game and think it needs more RNG shit?


There’s already enough of this.

Guns do jam (Until you’ve upgraded your crew)
Radars already have ground interference and IFF errors
Missiles do fail regularly (besides just getting notched or flared)

That being said I wouldn’t mind an upgraded damage model which could include compression stalls or FOD ingesting effects and especially the ability to control engines independently of each other (at the same time)

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You already have to do this because the F-4C’s radar is questionable sometimes

Difference between buggy radar and the missile just falling out the sky. Imagine having both at the same time

No offense but this is a terrible idea haha

90% of the players will think they are facing some bugs and be frustrated
the remaining 10% will pay repair cost / miss some useful actions because of RNG and be frustrated.

The SIM community is already tiny enough, no need to make it even more unattractive with RNG.