Adding more immersion to SB


1.Bigger maps across all SB modes. Specifically ground sim. Objectives are spread around and players have a couple extra minutes to prep and get into position on ground sim in ground vehicles. That and it’d be harder to run away once someone loses a dogfight after 3 or 4 pulls and they wouldn’t be so close to their airfield to just run for airfield AA cover like most do. Then air sim in top tier for obvious reasons (Better BVR)
2.Adding spawning in hangars rather than at the end of the runway. Where we have to spool up and taxi to take off. Having bigger maps and make airfield AA more accurate would help alleviate airfield strafing while taxi-ing…
3. Adding an AI AWACS at the BR that they can be at where it gives data link to aircraft that have it. Not the air alert call out so instead of a surveillance aircraft it’s an AWACS aircraft flying at about 20k feet. And it has jammers to help it not be so easy to shoot down or also have 2 AI defending it…
4. Add an AI refueling aircraft that also flies at about 20k and you can refuel. Possibly set a map boundary on one grid line behind friendly airfields and that’s where it hovers at. And only friendlies are able to fly in those grid lines. Give it jammers so its not so easy to shoot down either or also 2 AI covering it.
5. Add hypoxia and a damaged oxygen system where it’s easier to black out if it’s damaged OR to fix people breaking their canopies off, if the canopy is broken and/or open above 300 knots a loud “WHOOOSH!” is all players would hear above 300 knots or so.
6. Add Heli’s to sim EC. It would be fun to fly low in between ravines and mountains and play peekaboo with ground units and also have to defend from fighters if you got spotted. Also add the heli pads to the airfield in sim so players can take off and land there rather than the airstrip. See video below explaining BR changes to Heli’s to make it somewhat historic to the time period. Vietnam era, more modern era, etc.
7. Add sim EC maps to custom so players can use them to practice and do events like alot of squadrons do. And they’ll also be able to have more options (like take away or add bots, ai, slow/fast ticket bleed rate).
8. Separate NATO, West Germany, Taiwan from Soviets, China and East Germany.
9. Add flare/chaff separate bindings… When getting into a BVR situation, myself and many others would like to be able to chaff only in order to save flares or flare only to save chaff.
10. Fix the flight models, just a couple examples. The F16 can lull more AoA and for longer time than a MiG 29 and Mirage 2000 when dogfighting. The F16 shouldnt be able to outperform in the one circle and is more of a two circle fighter. Also, alot of Japanese planes like the A6M, A7M don’t compress or wing rip as easy as they should be.


Great suggestion for SB, all would be great

This one specifically though I think is being worked on. Aircraft like the Tornado Gr1 (and other IDS Tornado) should have 28 flares and 600 chaff per boz pod (so 56 flares and 1200 chaff with both pods) but currently is limited to 28 CMs per pod. We need flare and Chaff to be totally seperated, both in aircraft configuration to allow for the correct CM counts to be taken fairly and seperate keybinds for them. Its an overhaul that is needed not just for SB.


I think some of these would be great or necessary, but not all.

1 - Bigger maps is probably the biggest thing that would help. 256km maps I would consider the bare minimum for top tier stuff due to the combination of speed and engagement range, but 512 would be better. The fact that many planes can fight basically from runway to runway is kinda ludicrous.

2 - While good for immersion, I think this would have to be optional. Ground handling is generally poor in WT and most people probably wouldn’t want to deal with it anyway.

3 - AWACS would be cool, but with map sizes the way they are they would be insanely vulnurable. A net of ground-based radar stations to go with it would also be nice to have. I’d also extend its function to lower-tier in the form of the recon planes, though they would of course have shorter spotting range.

4 - This is frankly unnecessary and wouldn’t really add anything. Even 1000km maps wouldn’t be large enough for refueling to make much sense.

5 - Hypoxia wouldn’t really mesh with WT’s more arcadey approach to its sim aspects, though having deafening wind anytime the canopy is gone (as well as steep aerodynamic penalties, maybe even ongoing airframe damage) when flying at higher speeds is something that absolutely needs to be added.

6 - Yes. Helis in air sim. I would also add helipads to other parts of the map though, maybe the minibases, since taking off from the AF and having to travel 60+km to reach any kind of target at their low speeds would be a huge pain.


I see you wish positive details from DCS for WT Sim.
You have described exactly the right things that need to be improved.


Adding SAM sites would also give strike jets more to do while creating no fly zones and give us a reason to fly low instead of using it to dodge bvr missiles.
Mind you the SAM sites dont need to be in the middle of the map a few grids infront of airfields would be fine it would also reduce the current airfields camping crisis especially with the F16 getting GBUs airfields AA is basically useless.
As a short term solution i would recommend changing the Rolands to something stronger.

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