Adding immersion to Air Sim - Bigger maps

Making the maps bigger. More specifically for the higher modern BR’s. Currently the map size for Spain, Afghanistan, Vietnam, Smolensk and Denmark are 128k by 128k. Which is almost still too small as at that BR there are aircraft that if done right can essentially engage eachother from runway to runway with BVR. Most simulator players only choose those maps at that BR because all the other maps are way too small.


Doesnt even have to be new maps, just make the current maps bigger for the high tiers


Yeah, Bigger maps would definetly be good, It wouldnt even need to be that big of an increase to have some meaningful impacts.

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As I also indicated in youtube, great video ninja. As I also mentioned in the forums (before they changed the forum), especially for top Tier, the map sizes should (must) be minimum 200 x200km(as you mentioned).
Or they should change the total number of players it the current maps. Last time I had a match 15x15 players each side, and it is like 6-7 players lock you at the same time (as soon as you take off). It is just crazy. You should have at least some time to gain altitude or plan your strategy.
Additionally, we still don’t have AIM-120’s at the moment.
The best thing Gaijin can do is, just watching DCS videos (Growling Sidewinders videos) here and plan-make their maps (sizes, styles) accordingly for top tier

Some map definitely need to be resized based on tiers, like Denmark and Afghanistan are really too big for prop planes and absolutely a PITA, very few people fly on them too because of that, making it even worse if you join one.
For lower tiers they should resize all maps to be like Sicily, and doulbe or triple them for high tiers