Adding immersion to Air SB with seperate flare/chaff binds

Simply put. Adding seperate flare/chaff binds and seperate periodic flare/chaff binds. Where players would be able to chaff to save flares, or just flare to save chaff.


This is needed for much bigger reasons than just that and might at some point get added.

Tornado IDS’s Boz pods that hold their CMs at the moment have 28 CMs.

IRL they have 28 Flares and 600 Chaff packets. But it would be “unfair” to give them that amount because with mixed CM counts that would be 628 flares and 628 chaff. And so have been limited to flare only counts.

Totally and completely seperating Flares and chaff not only give you the option to drop the CM needed in the situation (made even more impactful with the new RWR) but would also allow for assymetrical CM loadouts to be added.

Also opens the door for things like Flare and Chaff pods added to other aircraft. I think the Mig-29 is missing some flares, Jaguar can get Chaff pods. etc etc.

I’d hope that update would include the ability to not only deploy them seperately, but series release for both as well. Would be an awesome addition.


Perfectly put.