Adding fake players to lure people into battles


Hey all, I just joined a server which stated it had 12v12 in the match, but when I got into the match this is what I was met with…

Are they bots of some kind to get people to join servers or something?

Last time this happended I lost a 2x500% boosters because I was the only player in the match.

It’s server desync, that’s all.
The greyed out names are people that have left the match.


The match had JUST started.

Refer to above post:

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People pick and choose which maps to keep playing.

Also though they could all be dropped out from connection issues when they went to join.

I’d bet if you checked their matches via the replays, they’d genuinely be playing.


Seems kinda strange, that I was the only player that joined, it shouldn’t be desync if the server just started, maybe 30 sec before I joined.

Official automated sim matches loop, and sometimes the loop desyncs and you have one lobby for two separate matches.
The solution is to wait for server restart, or play player-made rooms.

Ah, that makes sense. Thank you for clearing that up.

On the topic of empty servers. A couple of days ago i encountered two different server that were filled with “afk” players without any actual players. And they were both in a loop where game started because the lobby was filled with like 20 players but when the game started everyone was greyed out, so the game ended and went back to the lobby again. This went on for a few hours, just a server with no players starting a new game every 5min. Spooky

That’s a good bug to actually report.

Nah ive given up on reporting bugs, they dont fix them so why bother

You should read changelogs, bugs are fixed at minimum weekly.

Not the ones in SB


This one, is special… If it genuinely locks you into a cycle of joining and leaving the same match, then you’d be able to demonstrate the instance of this happening and highlight the impact of having it happen.

It’d literally be a critical level bug that would literally be fast tracked…

dual session 1 lobby bug. I reported it a few years ago but needs more evidence, devs probably still don’t know what causes it and can’t replicate it

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Could be a Chinese bot since they do plague a bit but its more rare now.