Adding Electric Lightning F.53 as a permanent premium pack

I think adding the Electric Lightning F.53 as a permanent premium vehicle would bolster the British premium air lineup, it would also allow me to get it because I like it (:

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Gaijin has said that they do not plan to introduce more rank 6 premium packs. They may introduce rank 6 GE premiums, but not packs. They removed the rank 6 premiums as packs because they want people to buy the rank 7 and 8 packs (yeah I know we only have 1 rank 8 pack right now).

The Lighting Mk. 53 does come around once a year for a special mini event for the anniversary of it’s first flight. Last year it was on August 4th, so it should probably come around again in early August of this year.

Red Tops are a bit dodgy at the moment and awaiting a total overhaul. So probably worth waiting anyway

That would go against Gaijins FOMO marketing strategy.