Adding AIM-120 to JA37D (Sweden)

Originally the JA37D was firstly created to use AIM-120 so I dont see why that thing must be carrying RB71 (Skyflahes) anymore. That should be changed and the plane be moved to another br.


If they add it it won’t be 11.3 anymore, it will be at least 12.0/12.3

Id rather have it be one of the best 11.3 planes in the game rather than putting it at a higher BR where its just gonna struggle at anything that isnt slinging missiles at someone who isnt lawnmoving

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I mean its true that is one of the best (if not the best) 11.3 currently buuuuuuuut, i like historically accurate things. The C version should be carrying Aim9ls instead of the Ps and the D version (Whom only purpose was Aim-120 service) should be carrying those and moved brs.
C version going to 11.3 / D version going to 12.3


I hope this gets added. JA37C will take it’s place.

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A non-maximalist configuration of a plane is still historical

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Yeah I’m in agreement here, I believe the structure of the Swedish fighter line from Rank 7 onwards should look like this:


I love this, but how can we get the devs to see this? They don’t seem to have even acknowledged it.

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I think its too late at this point. If I recall correctly they closed the dev sv and there will be no more. GG its over boiz

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Well the Chinese F16 is in theory AIM120 capable, but is there rock solid evidence on JA37D carrying AIM120A? I personally have not seen a JA37D carrying one.

It was the main reason for it’s existence and it’s according to the flight manual it had 4 or 6 of them - besides minor changes to my knowledge the ja37d was the ja37c with fox3 capability, that being said the C should be the current D.


Can you provide a photo or video, I seem not able to find any on the AIM120 capabilities. Also just regarding the chinese F16A, is it theoretically possible for AIM120C capabilities to be linked to AIM120A capabilities since the guidance methods and channels are the same.

Well after some time in the live server, they usually rebalance BR’s especially for the new additions. Remember when they originally added the Su-27/F-15A etc. they were initially 12.3 before increasing the BR cap to 12.7. I assume the best performers of Seek and Destroy will also be moved from 13.0 to 13.3

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Nice username lmfao

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Somewhere in it I forgot the page number it has the picture above with the hard points and the prior page mentions rb99

The Swedish roughly translates to (leaving out a few info for brevity)

It can carry weapons but not the Akan. it gets fuel tanks countermeasures and reflectors.

In various combinations, the following weapons can be carried:
RB 99 (AMRAAM) active radar robot

And here is it carrying them



So it’s a Viggen with AMRAAMs but no gun? That’s interesting

What’s the big round missile like thing? Is it missile or guided bomb, or is it just a rocket launcher with a cap on?

It’s a drop tank on the centre point.